Reducing station-station interference in close proximity

Reducing station-station interference in close proximity

Post by Roy W Lewall » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I need help in solving a problem. Our Field Day group has grown from only
>one station per band to two (CW & SSB). We had considerable interference
>problems this past field day. . .

The possible solutions you list all will help. Some other suggestions:

        Use baluns at antenna feedpoints. This will keep the feedlines from
        radiating and talking to each other.

        Reduce coupling via the mains power by wrapping power cords through
        a large ferrite core. Use 70-series (low-frequency) ferrite, 5-10
        turns. Put the core close to the rig.

        Select rigs which have a wide dynamic range. Use attenuators if
        available and feasible. If possible, don't use preamps.

        Run QRP (< 5W). We never have trouble working > 300 stations using
        5 watts and gear, including antennas, we can carry on our backs.
        A nice side benefit is the lack of roaring generators. (With a
        generator, we never would have heard the cougar "cat concert" at
        2 A.M.)

Roy Lewallen, W7EL