Getting revenge on Power Hogs

Getting revenge on Power Hogs

Post by John Wilkers » Wed, 06 Dec 1995 04:00:00

     I have seen many articles where people want to get back at the local
BBLJs (TM).  

     You goto Rat Shack..  get one of their $19.99 Cb walkie talkies,
order the crystals for the offender's channel.

Once you get it all together, you take and tape the xmit button down, and
place it _very_ close to the offender's house.  Just leave it there....
The close proximity will kill his receive on that channle, but the weak
output will not bother other users of the channel.

Powering the radio...... solar cells could be a good bet..... keep the
channel locked up all day long.

You may also want to identify yourself as the inflictor of punishment, and
inform the violator he will not be able to play radio until he learns to
behave himself.   (note: identification does not mean telling the offender
any info that could lead him to you, but rather telling the offentder that
he is being deliberately jammed)

-- John