We Are Looking For A Few Good Men & Women!

We Are Looking For A Few Good Men & Women!

Post by Edward Ad » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

July 16, 1996

To All Amateur Radio Operators involved or interested in message
traffic handling.  (Especially those in MARS, NTS, ARES and RACES
with message handling experience.)

NACEC, The North American Center For Emergency Communications is
looking for volunteers from the Amateur Radio Community.   NACEC is
a Not-For-Profit Corporation existing to serve the public interest
since 1992.  

Our volunteers provide an important link between this organization
and their communities or military installations, helping with the
growth of this organization, the movement of information into and
out of their communities, as well as providing a valuable community
service.  One of the services that a special group of our volunteers
provide is message handling for U.S. Military Families Worldwide and
the Survivors of Large Scale Disaster throughout North America.

Our all volunteer message handling network now serves several thousand
locations across some 6 countries and our hope is to expand this to 10's
of thousands of location by the end of this year.

I would like to extend my personal invitation for you to review our
organization and consider becoming a NACEC Volunteer.  Information and
an electronic volunteer application form is available at our Web site,
which can be found at:


Thank Your for your time and consideration.


Mr. Edward Addy
Executive Director, NACEC