Newbie needs help! Help!!!

Newbie needs help! Help!!!

Post by ielr.. » Wed, 22 Dec 1993 05:01:08


I was wwndering if someone on here could help me out. I am interested in
getting a CB radio. I don't own a car so I'm looking at either a handheld
or a base unit. What would be a good choice for a beginner? Also I am
interested in range, are there any ways of increasing the range of a handheld?
and are there any handhelds out there with SSB?

                                Thanks in advance..


Newbie needs help! Help!!!

Post by LMAR.. » Mon, 27 Dec 1993 08:22:07

Sorry, there are no handheld CB radios in the US that have SSB.

I would suggest one of the more inexpensive mobile SSB rigs like the
Uniden PC-122 or the Cobra 146.  Both can be bought for about 130 bucks
mail order.  They require 12 volts DC at about 4 amps; a power supply
will be about 50 dollars or a little less.  If you have a car battery
or large "gel cell" and a charger, you might be able to save the price
of the DC power supply.

For a fairly cheap, easy-to-set-up outdoor antenna, I suggest a half-wave
vertical like the Amtron 99, or the Shakespeare "Big Stick" or the
Radio Shacke "Crossbow"; all three basically are straight-looking poles
about 17 feet long, and sell for about 40 to 80 dollars.

If you want to save the price of the antenna, you can very cheaply make
a wire antenna that will work almost as well.  In the ham radio reference
section of your local library, look up the plans for a "half wave dipole".

CB is a lot of fun, but after awhile you may tire of the moronic
mindset of many CBers.  Ham radio is the next step up; it is now
possible to get full VHF and UHF priveleges without knowing Morse code,
only an easy 45-question multiple-choice test must be passed.

A VHF "handy talkie" starts around 250 dollars; with a small "***
duck" antenna transmitting into a repeater, it is sometimes possible
to communicate over  a range of hundreds of miles using a small handheld

Merry Christmas & I hope to catch you on the air someday.
--Leigh/KM6JE in Santa Barbara.