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The RCI-Rom is a product of the RCI Federation. A lot of Ham CD ROM exist on
the world market
      but very few were made for CB radio users. The RCI Rom 1.1 seems to be
the first to deal with
      the CB Radio field as far as we investigated

      Over 350 Mb of pure technical information on the RCI2950, 2970, 2980,
2990, Saturn Turbo,
      Sommerkamp DX2000, Mirage 2950, Hercule, and similar rigs are hold by
this small 12cm
      diameter piece of plastic. You have tutorials, audio explanations, video
tutorials, alignment chart
      and much much more.

      This CD-ROM is now a success all over the world. It is a product that is
100% in english language
      for your pleasure only.

Table of Contents

  1.CB Frequencies charts, USA, UK, Europe...  2.10 Codes, Q Codes, Cb
Language tutorials  3.Glossary of CB words and technical terms  4.The Mike
encyclopedia (to wire tons of mikes with no problem)  5.Signal / Radio
readability charts and explanations  6.For DXers and directional antenna
owners, thousands city coordinates (lat/long)  7.Electronic tutorials,
resistor color codes ...  8.Over 1500 mods covering ham radios and also CB
radios (uniden, cobra, galaxy, kenwood, yeasu etc etc....) All by alphabetic
order.  9.RCI Schematic diagrams (gif, jpg): boards, diagrams, component
locations....  10.Voltage maps for repair actions  11.RCI 2950, 2970, 2980
etc.. modifications. Most of the modifications are the ones of the RCI BIBLE
reviewed and updated for the RCI-ROM.  Please click here to see them. The CD
holds more mods than the BIble does.  12.RCI 2980 modifications in detail.
(Note that most of the RCI 2980 mods can be adapted to 240 ch rigs such as
SS3900, SS360, Pluto ...) +  Schematic diagrams.  13.RCI Federation
documentation: RCi newsletters ready to be read. Logos and mucis of the RCI
Federation + letterhead word models... and  much more.  14.Full Diagram: Main
Board + CPU board + Microphone Encyclopedia  15.Full listing of all the
components Full table of voltage values  16.Full table of frequencies -
channels  17.Full alignment procedures  18.Repair tricks, errors,
enhancements...  19.Plenty of mods with photos, videos, voice explanation....
 20.Extreme mods "for transverting to other bands" chapter  21.A full DX
Guide with beaming utilities & programs  22.A Rci Packet chapter: How to
practice Packet with your rig  23.A complete information on the RCI
Federation, the full collection of already published RCI Newsletter...
24.The RCI BIBLE 3.0 beta (exclusive)  25.A fully browsable copy of the
RCIWEB + RCI questio board. You do not need any modem to browse the CBRom's
web site.  26.Almost 100 Mb of nive quality mpeg video files which show you
more about your RCI and its mods

          Component section ID
          Internal Controls ID
          Channel conversion on new 2950, my old one got stolen.
          MRF477 intro and removal of 2SC2312's
          MRF477 pin reconfiguration.
          MRF477's installed and AMC transistor location.
          Observing the radios output on a scope and wattmeter.
          Introduction of the Heavy swing modification.
          Candlewax (just watch it! )
          Observing the effects of the swing kit modification on the
          Wattmeter and scope.
          Disassembly of the radio.

     Do we need to say more about the RCI-ROM ? It has almost all you are
looking for, maybe more....

System requirements

     To run the RCI-ROM, you need:

     - Win95 or NT4 (OSR2) with MS ActiveX installed. You must be able to read
mpeg files.
     - 8 Mb or more Ram
     - 10 Mb of HD
     - 800x600 or more video mode
     - A 4X CD-ROM player or more
     - A sound card

  Sorry no MAC version. No Win 3.1 (although you will be able to read 90% of
the CD withWIN3.1 and Word6/95/97 viewer) Most of the information  published
on the CD is published in 2 or three different file type (rtf, word 6 doc,
Ascii). 30% of the CDROM is a HTML interface, it will be readable  with any
www browser (even a MAC browser).

     Please check your machine before ordering.

     The CD has been tested on many machines without major problems. It has
also been tested on 486DX66 2XCD 4Ram equipment with no
     problems. A Pentium processor is required to run the CD.

We are proud to announce the first release of our New CD-ROM called:

  The Lincoln Federations "HR2510 LINCOLN JACKSON CDROM"

A multimedia CDROM with tons of mods in text mode but also in video

The entire service manual of the HR2510 & Lincoln rigs with components lists,
schematic diagrams, parts assembly pictures and so on. The CD holds over 400
Mb of pure valuable information. This is the first CD on the subject, written
by the same team of the successful RCI 2950 CD-ROM

You may read the CD on any Pentium with Win95 or Mac with System 7. Minimum
required: 2x CD, 16 Mb Ram, a sound system.
No HD Space used

Here is a summary of the contents of the HR2510-Lincoln-Jackson CD:

                                              Lincoln - HR2510 Area

                   Mods Area

                   Modification for 26-30 Mhz

                   24 MHZ Broadband instructions for your HR2510

                   Increasing the power output for the HR2510

                   President or Uniden HR-2510 Variable Power

                   HR2510 Modification for increased MicGain

                   Increasing the Receive Audio

                   Mute circuit improvement

                   Roger Beep Mods

                   Adding an external meter to the HR2510

                   HR2510 RIT / Clarifier Mods

                   TALKBACK REMOVAL

                   Modification of the HR2510 Mic buttons to operate
                   the VFO

                   LIGHT OF THE DISPLAY PANEL

                   BURST THE NB/ANL




                   Radio Alignment

                   RX Alignment Steps

                   TX Aligment Steps

                   Voltage Maps TR / IC

                   Components Listing 1

                   Components Listing 2
                                                          Diagrams Area

                                                          Synopsis Diagram

                                                          Schematic Diagram 1a

                                                          Schematic Diagram 1b

                                                          Schematic Diagram 2a

                                                          Schematic Diagram 2b

                                                          Parts Assembly MICOM

                                                          Parts Assembly MICOM
PCB Rear 1 & 2

                                                          Parts Assembly MAIN

                                                          Parts Assembly LCD
PCBoard Top

                                                          Parts Assembly LCD
PCBoard Rear

  Parts Assembly NB PCB Top

  Parts Assembly NB PCB Rear

  Parts Assembly SWR PCB

  Parts Assembly FM PCB Top

  Parts Assembly FM PCB Rear

  Parts Assembly Switch PCB

  Parts Assembly RIT PCB

                                                          Parts Assembly Mode

  Parts Assembly VOL PCB

                                                          Parts Assembly CH SW

  Parts Assembly MIC PCB

                                                          Schematic Diagram 1a
& 1b

                                                          Schematic Diagram 2a
& 2b

                                                  Jackson Area

                   Mods Area

                   To begin

                   How to have a good SWR

                   Build you own 50 ohms Dummy Load

                   Expand you Jackson to 5 Bands

                   Add the +10 Khz Option

                   Get 40 Extra Channels under Band A

                   Go Down to 25 Mhz with your Jackson

                   Get Channels on "F" Band

                   A Frequancy Map

                   Is my mike well wired ?

                   Protect your Jackson against polarity inversions !

                   Increase you output power

                   Add a built-in power reducer

                   Use you Jackson on the Cars' lighter plug

                   Listen to your jackson through stereo headphones

                   External Signal Meter

                   Upgrade AM Detection

                   Jackson Tune up/Mod

                   Repair Tricks

                   Add an Auto-Squelch
                                                          Video Area (high
quality Mpeg vids)

  Open your Jackson 1 & 2

                                                          Components of the

                                                          Rear Face of the

                                                          240 Channels

                                                          IF Filters in the

                                                          Modulation IC

                                                          PLL Area

                                                          Power Transistors

  Alignment Testing pins

  Alignment VR to touch

                                                          Final Transistors

                                                          Diagrams Area

                                                          Schematic 1

                                                          Schematic 2

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