newbie needs advice

newbie needs advice

Post by bill nels » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 14:32:01

: Hey Dude, welcome to radio. Sounds like an OK rig you got there. About the 7
: watts, that is not RF output, it is audio output I beleive. The legal limit
: is 4 watts RF out with PEP (Peak Envelope Power) of 12 watts. So you can key
: up 4 watts carrier and modulate to 12 watts. Any exteral RF amplifier is

This is incorrect.  4 watts carrier output applies to AM signals, which have
a carrier. 12 watts PEP applies to SSB signals, which do not have a carrier.

: for the noise problems, well the first line of defense should be a Noise
: Blanker (NB) or Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL). Really if you have a noise
: problem, you will have to isolate it. Sometimes it's bad spark plug wires,
: Electric fuel pumps, and ect. Differnt solutions for differnt problems, good
: luck guy!

A noise blanker, or noise limiter should be the LAST line of defense, for
when you cannot eliminate the interferance otherwise. The reason for this
is, while getting rid of the noise, they also get rid of part of the desired
signal, making it harder to hear.