ok everyone''''';;;;;''''' more equipment

ok everyone''''';;;;;''''' more equipment

Post by STRES TE » Fri, 24 Jan 1997 04:00:00

in my last post, i forgot to mention i also have the following:

texas star dx1600 (sweet six***). this unit comes with the remote
on/off-ssb-delay unit also.         650.00 + ship

texas star mod v+    this is the modulator texas star designed for the
                              is variable output, and has the preamp in
it.      75.00 + ship

dosy pm-2001-ts   was going to use this in the portable, but my plans
changed                              when i decided to sell out. this unit
is new, but i installed lights
                           in it, also has a switch to turn them on-off.
all done in back of
                           unit, works well.          75.00 + ship

dosy tc-4002-psw   this is the best meter that dosy sells, has everything
in it, even                           a coax switch, and lights.    
125.00 + ship

galaxy dx88hl+d-104m6-b   full feature export, w/one the best power mics  
                           available.340.00 + ship