NEW Search Engine - Specifically for CB and Amateur related searches!

NEW Search Engine - Specifically for CB and Amateur related searches!

Post by Karl Vesterlin » Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all, you probably remember me from all those posts about Doc's Radio

Doc now has a search engine on his site that's REALLY fast!  No banners, and
no BS in the results.  (No commercial advertising!)

You can get to it by clicking here:

This search engine was created because I was (and I imagine a lot of other
people were ) getting tired of searching for a modification for say a
Presdient Jackson and having URL's come up in the search results for Michael
Jackson, Joe Jacksons knitting club, and someones new pet dog named Jackson,
amongst other irrelivent results.

The engine is FAST, low on graphics so it loads quickly, and delivers the
results you are looking for.

Please submit URL's for indexing via email as I won't have time to add in
the submit URL page for at least a week.  I have taken some time to enter in
some nice CB and Amateur sites into the search index so we have quite a bit
of information to start with.

Try it!  See for yourself.

-- For those that are about to complain about this post: (you know who you

This message is posted to this newsgroup to inform the readers of the
availability of a resource for CB and Amateur Radio related information.
This is not a commercial adverti***t as some have suggested.  It has
relevance to the topic of discussion, there is no fee to utilize the engine.
There are NO banner ads on the site, so no revenue is generated by the site
for traffic, exposures etc et al.

And finally...  I AM NOT DOC!