FCC Public Notice - Beta Test Site Announced

FCC Public Notice - Beta Test Site Announced

Post by Bart Jahnk » Thu, 10 Apr 1997 04:00:00


   Federal Communications Commission
   1919 M St., N.W.
   Washington, D.C. 20554

Released:  April 8, 1997

                     BETA TESTING FOR 30 DAY PERIOD

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau is making available on a beta test
basis, for approximately 30 days, free of charge, access to three
database applications: 1) Amateur query; 2) frequency search program for
the 929 and 931 MHz databases and; 3) database transaction downloads.  
The beta test period will begin on April 8, 1997 and will extend to May
12, 1997 for this first group.

Access to the programs is available through the beta test site at
http://gullfoss.fcc.gov/beta.htm.  The site map for the application is
from the FCC home page at www.fcc.gov through to the FCC's Wireless
Telecommunications Bureau internet site at
http://www.fcc.gov/wtb/wirehome.html.  Choose Wireless Electronic
Commerce on the Wireless Bureau's home page and further choose Beta Page
for Future Electronic Commerce Applications.  Select your applications
from the Beta Testing Page.

The applications are as follows:

Amateur - This application allows realtime query to the Amateur database
using a number of parameters including dates, zip codes, licensees, and

Frequency search program - 929 MHz and 931 MHz - This application does a
radius search for a given latitude and longitude on 929 MHz or 931 MHz

Transaction download - This application allows users to download from a
choice of seven days transactions for each Wireless database.  The
various database tables are extracted into flat files.  Documentation may
be downloaded.  Each day's data will be overwritten every seven days.  
At the end of the beta test period, a complete offload of the databases
will be available in CD-ROM format from ITS, the FCC's public access
contractor.  These CD-ROM's are produced quarterly.  The transactions
online will enable the public to keep up to date records of the
Commission's activity using the CD-ROM data as a base for initiating
one's own data base.  Any comments should be e-mailed to

During the beta test period, there will be no charge for access.  At the
end of the beta testing period, the applications will be available on the
FCC's wide area network at a charge of $2.30 per minute.  The first two
minutes of access will be free.

Additional applications will be added to the beta testing program as they
are available including Form 900 renewal application for all services.

To enroll as an official beta tester and receive E-mail notifications

Further questions may be directed to the Consumer Assistance Branch, toll
free 1-800-322-1117 or to Technical Support (202) 414-1250.