FS: Pro-46 handheld scanner with extended coverage

FS: Pro-46 handheld scanner with extended coverage

Post by Jack T.Drago » Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Recieves on:
 29- 54mhz FM
 66- 88mhz FM (after keypad trick)
108-137mhz AM
137-174mhz FM
406-512mhz FM
806-956mhz FM (unblocked)

        Has 100 memories in 10 banks. Runs off of 4 AA batteries.
Included are the AC adaptor / charger, and instruction manual.
        The restoration trick involves soldering SMT components,
I've allready done that for you. Plus, you can undo the hardware
mod and then do the keypad mod. "Oops, sorry about resetting it
like that officer, but as you can see, this can't do cell..." :)

        It works just fine and has no problems.

        Asking $140, or best offer. Remember, the price is open
to negotiation.

        I'm selling because I'm currently between jobs and don't
use this at all anymore. I need the money more than I need the

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