NPDXG Bulletin #19

NPDXG Bulletin #19

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NPDXG Bulletin #19 [1/3]

June 1st, 1996                                                  NPDXG # 19

                               DX BULLETIN
                             English version
                       Edited  by  CT1ENQ & CT1EEB
                     Portuguese Translation by CT1FUF
                    Portuguese Paper version by CT1EEB
             *           NORTHERN PORTUGAL DX GROUP           *
             *       *** Grupo DX do Norte Portugal ***       *
                "Aveiro University RadioAmateur Association"
                          UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO
                            CAMPUS DE S. TIAGO    
                               3810  AVEIRO

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
                                  * HF *

3A      -[Monaco] Ralf, DL3JSW, who is part of the HB0 team listed below,
         will travel here during the week on July 14th. He will try to
         obtain a license for both 3A and Seborga.
3Y      -[Bouvet] Luis, XE1L, (at the Dayton HamVention) reported that the
         South Sandwich Island DX Group (SSIDXG) will be going to Bouvet
         sometime in December 1997/January 1998. Naturally, this will be a
         full scale operation. Details will be forthcoming.
5V      -[Togo] From 3 to 18 June Roy, DL7UBA/5V7HR and Lars, DL7ALM/5V7ML
         will be active from Kpalime, Togo. The activity will take place on
         all bands in SSB and CW.QSL via their respective homecalls.
6Y      -[Jamaica] Theo, PA3ERL, will be active as PA3ERL/6Y5 from June
         13-29th. His plans for band activity and operations were not
         received.QSL via PA3ERL.
9A      -[Croatia] On 7 and 8 June, Vito (9A/I3BQC) Enrico (9A/I3RSP) and
         Mario (9A/I3CZM) will be active from Susac island (EU-016).
9M0     -[Malaysia] Jan, SM0OEK is currently in Malaysia, from where is
         active as 9M2JJ. He hopes to plan an expedition to Pulau Layang
         Layang, in the Spratly islands group.
9N      -[Nepal] From 23 to 30 June Brad, KV5V will be in Nepal and he will
         try to operate from their stations on 20 and 15 metres CW.
BV      -[Taiwan] From 31 May to 2 June BO1/JP1RIW will be active from the
         Ma-tsu islands (AS-113).QSL via BV2KI.
BV      -[Taiwan] The activity of BO0KS from  Kin-men island (Quemoy,AS-102)
         is now planned from 26 to 29 July. QSL via BV2KI.
C6      -[Bahamas] Robert/K4MQG, William/AA4R and Ted/WA4VCC will be going to
         the Grand Bahama Island from June 7-14th. They will be active on 6m,
         2m, 432cm and HF.The station will be very active during the ARRL
         June VHF Contest, June 8-10th. The Grid Square is FL06 and has not
         been on VHF for quite sometime.
CU4_iota-[Azores DFP] June 1-2 , CU4S from LightHouse "Farol da Ponta da
         Barca" Ref. FAZ-03 on 80,40 and 20 meters.Also on June 21,22,23
         CU4N LightHouse "Farol do Carapacho" Ref. FAZ-04 , 80,40 and 20
         meters.QSL via CU4AH
CU7_iota-[Azores DFP] June 8 to 9 , CU7R will be QRV from LightHouse "Farol
         da Ribeirinha" Ref. FAZ-17. Last May 25-26 CU7V was QRV from "Farol
         do Vale Formoso" Ref. : FAZ-18.
DL_iota -[IOTA 033] Frank , DL2SWW will be QRV from Vesterales - IOTA EU-033
         from June 16 to July 7 , 160 to 10 meters. QSL via Homecall.
         From June 28 to 30 he will try going to the Lofotes - EU 076.
EA_iota -[Spain] In July EA5IQ will be active from Benidorm island (EU-093
         DIE E-007)
EA7_iota-[Spain] The new operation from SANCTI PETRI IS. EU-143 and from
         Spanish Is. S-002 (DIE) Will be 8-9/6/96. Activate all bands CW and
         SSB. The call is ED7SPI and the team : EA7FR-EA7NO-EA7ESH-EA7PY-
         EA7BJ-EA7JB. The QSL Info is EA7PY.
EA9_iota-[Ceuta & Mellila] The new date of the dxpedition to ALBORAN ISLAND,
         IOTA AF-042, and S-001 for the Spanish Award Island (DIE), will be
         of the 14-16/05/96. Will activate in all bands, SSB and CW.The call
         is EG9AI and the QSL manager is EA4URE. Ops: EA7CRL - EA7HDQ - EA7KN
         EA7AAW - EA7BFT - EA5KY - EA7JB
F_iota  -[France] Didier, F6ELE, and Bertrand, F6HKA will be active from
         Molene Island IOTA EU-65 (located in the Bretagne -Finistere West-
         Region Group) July 25 to 29th.
GM      -[Scotland] In early June GM4FDM, GM3NIG, GM3UTQ, GM4YMA and GM3COB
         should be operating  (10,  15,  20,  40 and 80 metres) from Monach
         islands (EU-111), which were activated for the last time in 1993.
         Call is still unknown, but it should be  GM5VG/P. QSL via GM3UTQ.
HB0     -[Liechtenstein] From 13 to 20 July F6ELE, F1PNA and F6HKA will be
         active with two stations (10-160 metres) from Liechtenstein.
HL_iota -[South Korea] This is to inform you IOTA pedition to Bogil Island
         Korea (AS-085). The Hanyang University Amateur Radio Club (HL0C)
         plans to operate at Bogil Island, Chunnam Provice, Korea.The island
         is in IOTA AS-085 group. The date of operation will be 24 thru 26
         of June, 1996. HL0C/4 will be used for callsign, and send QSL card
         to HL0C direct or via buro. Please add "Amateur Radio Club, HL0C"
         to the cba if you send your QSL card direct.
I       -[Italy] From 3 to 6 June Giampiero, IG9/IK4NYV will be active from
         Lampedusa island (AF-019,IIA AG-001).QSL via IK4PLC (Gianluca
         Vidotto, Via Andreini 30, 40026 Imola-BO).
I       -[Italy] From 21 to 23 June Tino (ID9/IT9NGN, QSL via bureau to
         G4RRA),Maurizio (ID9/IT9HLN, QSL via bureau), Giovanni (ID9/IT9TZZ,
         QSL to P.O.Box 213, 98100 Messina-ME, Italy), Daniela (ID9/IW9ELV,
         QSL via direct) and Maurizio (ID9/IT9LQG,    QSL  via bureau) will
         be active from Salina island (IIA ME-015), in the Eolie archipelago
         (EU-017). Operations will take place in all modes and on all bands.
I       -[Italy] The  Salento DX Team plans to activate some island in the
         Puglia region, Sant'Andrea isl. di Gallipoli (EU091/IIA LE01
         24 June - 9 July), Grande isl. di Porto Cesareo (EU091/IIA LE02
         22 July - 10 August, including the IOTA contest).
         During  later  operation  it's  also  possible an activity from
         Malva isl.(IIA LE03).QSLs via homecalls
IS0     -[Sardinia] From 29 July to 12 August Roberto, IM0/IK2MRZ will be
         active in CW and SSB from Sant'Antioco (EU-024 IIA CA-014) and San
         Pietro islands (EU-165  CA-013), and also from other Sardinian
         islands valid for the Italian Islands Award. QSL via home call.
IS0_iota-[IOTA EU-165] During August , IM0/IK1TKS from some Islands  :
         San Pietro (IIA CA-013),Piana (IIA CA-008), Ratti (IIA  CA-010) and
         Calavinagra (IIA CA-019).
KH5     -[Palmira & Jarvis Isl.] Rumors from Hawaii say that a DX'pedition
         to Palmyra KH5 and Kingman Reef, KH5k is on the  works, For now the
         operators are on the planning fase and facing the first problem,
         that is to get the very difficult permission to go to Kingman Reef.
SV      -[Greece] From 10 June to 30 August SV1CID and SV1DPL will be active
         on 10,15,20,40,80 and 160 metres CW/SSB from Crete (SV9,  EU-015),
         from Ionian  islands (SV8,EU-052), from Euboea (SV1 EU-060) and
         from Hydra  (SV8 EU-075).QSL via SV1CID (Papastratou 42, Agrinio
         30100, Greece).
SV5     -[Dodecanese] From 6 to 20 June Manfred, DL8SET will be active again
         from Rhodes. Operations are expected to take place from 6 to 20
         metres (WARC probably included) in SSB and CW. QSL via homecall.
V6      -[Micronesia] From 25 to 28 May JE7JRZ will be active in all modes  
         and all bands as V63NN.He plans to participate in the CQWW WPX CW
         Contest. QSL via homecall.
VE_iota -[Canada] VE3NSZ will activate the following Provincial Islands
         during period 4-10 June:
         PQ007 Ile D'Orleons        NA128
         PQ011  Expo
         PQ019  Grande Ile
         PQ023  Nuns/Des Soeurs
         PQ026  Ile Bigras
         NB004  Lameque             NA068
         NS008  Outer Hirthe
         NS012  Tancook             NA081
         NS040  Heckmans
         NS042  Little Tancook
         NS043  Marvins
VK4_iota-[Australia] In early June, Steve Salmon, AA6LF should be active as
         VK4ALF from Stanley Island or Howick Island. The IOTA status of the
         islands, which should be located in the Queensland State (North
         Coast) North group (OC-187), is still to be confirmed.QSL via AA6BB.
VK9     -[Willis Isl.] For anybody who is interested .... VK9WG mentioned
         this evening that he will be on 3570 KHz at 1100z on June 3, 1996
         ... so.... anybody who needs/wants Willis Island on that band and
         will have propagation to that part of the world might want to give
         it a try. He has been spotted on the OH2BUA Packet cluster on the
         28th May on 14260 between 05H30utc and 07H00utc.
VU4     -[Andaman] Well known DXer Jim Smith, VK9NS, who at the HamVention
         and SWODXA DX Dinner Bandquet, announced he has received his Indian
         license which is valid for 5 years.The W.P.C. were kind enough to
         issue him VU2JBS which contains his intials. He also mentioned that
         he  believe the permit to import the equipment being donated by the
         Heard Island DX Association (HIDXA) to Mani, VU2JPS, has now been
         mailed to his home on Norfolk Island. Jim stated that  he plans to
         return to the Andamans in July or August of this year subject to
         various factors.
ZK1     -[Cook Isl.] The DXNS report Bruce/AA8U, Stan/K8MJZ and Marilyn/AG8W,
         will be active July 11-21st.This time frame will include the IARU
         Contest. They will operate from Rarotonga Island as ZK1AAU in the
         contest and ZK1MJZ and ZK1AGW outside the contest.There will be an
         all bands effort with priority on 160 meter outside the contest.
         Cushcraft is sponsoring the  operation with antennas and equipment.
         This group will not join DX nets or lists and requests full calls
         only. QSL to AA8U.
ZK2     -[Niue] From 1 to 4 June Yuu Yoshitani,JA3IG will be active as ZK2YY
         from Niue. Usually Yuu is active on 40 and 20 metres CW.

                           ===  * VUSHF *  ===

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NPDXG Bulletin #19 [2/3]

PACIFIC DXPedition -> Yuu Yoshitani, JA3IG, will be active from three
different islands over the next couple of weeks. Yuu-san will be operating
as follows: May 28-30th as 3D2JA (Fiji), May 30 June 1st as A35IG (Tonga),
June 1-4th as ZK2YY (Niue) and June 5-6th as A35IG (Tonga). Yuu-san likes to
operate mainly 40 and 20 meter CW. Check around 7005 kHz and 14025 kHz.

5A1A ---> On 14 May the DXCC Desk approved all the 5A1A operations. The
activity from Tripoli Radio Club  started on 13 July 1995 by a group of
Ukranian amateurs (UT3UX, UT2UA, UT3UY, UX4UMI), who worked until 25 July
(for CWcontacts QSL via LZ2UA: Vlad Vladov, Box 100, 5600 Troyan, Bulgaria;
for SSB QSL via OM3JW: Stefan Horecky, Mnska 2, Stupava, IBV 900 31, Slovak
Republic) About 35,000  QSL are going to be processed and those who have
already sent their  requests do not need to send dupes. Those who have
waited for the DXCC Desk's decision  before sending their card and/or
donations, can write direct to UT3UY: Anatoly Kirilenko, P.O. Box 494/3,
Kiev-151, 252151 Ukraine. Donations can also be sent to W4BRE.

MOUNT ATHOS ---> The ARRL Membership Services Committee (MSC, a standing
committee of the Board of Directors), has received a 9 to 7 recommendation
from the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) to make no change in the status of
Mount Athos on the ARRL DXCC Countries List. The Awards Committee reported
a unanimous vote to MSC in support of the DXAC to make no change at this
time. Since the DXAC and the Awards Committee are in agreement in their
recommendations to the MSC, the matter is decided.

PALESTINE UPDATE ---> It may be timely to remind DXers of recent operations
in Palestine by  the JA1UT/JA3UB  group, and  to give an update on the
current status. The JA1UT/JA3UB group has been involved in Palestine since
mid-1994 with  a United Nations humanitarian aid project, providing and
installing VHF radios in ambulances and hospitals.Several visits have been
made in pursuit of the project, and two of them included licensed amateur
radio operation. A  parallel  thrust  of the  project  has been  to  assist  
the Palestinians where possible to resume amateur radio activities.Training
and equipment has been offered for this purpose. The first step in the
resumption of amateur radio was made by a short operation of a Palestinian
national Dr Sami Tarazi from the Gaza  Strip on  2nd December 1994 using the
historic call sign ZC6B. The "Al  Quds" local newspaper on 5th December 1994
stated that Chairman Arafat  had sanctioned the operation and also approved
the formation of the Palestinian Wireless Group. The first operation by the
JA1UT/JA3UB group took place between 12-20th December 1994 from the Gaza
strip, using the call signs: JA1UT/GAZA, JA3UB/GAZA, JK1KHT/GAZA,
JO3XEQ/GAZA. The /GAZA suffix was used because Palestine did not hold a
currently valid call-sign allocation.A written permit was issued by the
Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts.The second operation by this group
took place 14-19 May 1995. The call signs used were: JA1UT/ZC6, JA1UPA/ZC6,
A licence was issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts of the
Palestinian Authority.  This stipulated the use of the /ZC6 prefix. The
Palestine  Authority has licensed a number of nationals for amateur radio
using the prefix ZC6. By the way, it is the belief of the JA1UT/JA3UB group,
that there are  precedents within the DXCC Programme, which indicate that
the actual callsign used during an operation is not necessarily a critical
factor in the determination of "country" accreditation. Meanwhile, JA1UT
was informed by the Palestinian Authorities that they  would welcome any
radio  amateurs, from any country which wished to foster friendly relations
with Palestine.  A copy of the application form written in Arabic language,
with an English language translation was given to JA1UT.In view of the
complex political situation concerning Palestine, an informal approach was
made to a representative of DXAC at the Tokyo Ham Fair August  1995,  
sounding  out  the possibility of  a DXAC accreditation. It was made very
clear to G3NOM and JA1UT that in the personal opinion of the representative,
it would be a long time before DXAC could even consider such an application
due to the political complexities concerning the autonomy criteria.
The JA1UT/JA3UB group are planning another visit to Palestine in late
June/early July 1996.

ZL8RI ---> The QSL manager for Raoul Island, Kermadec islands operations is
ZL2HU: Ken Holdom, P.O. Box 56099, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand.

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NPDXG Bulletin #19 [3/3]

June 1st, 1996                                                  NPDXG # 19

                      The Northern Portugal DX Group

              CT1ENQ ------ *  DX Calendar  * ------ CT1EEB    

 Date of op.    Callsign    DXCC    IOTA    Other Info abt.             Nr.
25/05-14/06       SV5/SM7DAY/P     EU-001   DXCC -> SV5                 016
May-June 96       ZS8IR     ZS8             Marion Isl.                 014
May-end of 96     ZD8DEZ    ZD     AF-063   by G0DEZ                    017
01/06-04/06       ZK2YY     ZK2                                         019
03/06-06/06       IG9/IK4NYU       AF-019                               019
03/06-18/06       7V7HR & 5V7ML             DXCC: Togo                  019
07/06-08/06       9A/I3BQC  9A     EU-016   +9A/I3RSP,I3CZM             019
07/06-14/06       ?????     C6              by U.S. operators           019
08/06-09/06       CU7R      CU              D.F.P. FAZ-17               019
08/06-09/06       ED7SPI    EA     EU-143                               019
09/06-15/06       N1LJA/VP9                                             016
10/06-30/08       ?????     SV9    EU-015                               019
                            SV8    EU-052                               019
                            SV1    EU-060                               019
11/07-21/07       ZK1AAU    ZK1             + ZK1MJZ , ZK1AGW           019      
13/06-29/06       PA3ERL/6Y5                DXCC: Jamaica               019
14/06-16/06       EG9AI     EA9    AF-042                               019
16/06-07/07       ??????    DL?    EU-033   by DL2SWW                   019
21/06-23/06       CU4N      CU              D.F.P. FAZ-04               019
21/06-23/06       IG9/IT9NGN       EU-017   +IT9HLN,TZZ,LQG + IW9ELV    019
24/06-26/06       HL0C/4    HL     AS-085                               019
26/06-29/06       BO0KS     BV     AS-102                               019
27/06-04/07       ??????    J6              by F5CCO                    017
28/06-01/07       GJ3RTE/P  GJ     EU-099   + GJ3SWH  , SSB + CW        016
Until June 12th   PY0TI     PY     SA-010   Trindade Isl. by PY1UP      012
June 1996         GM5VG/P   GM     EU-111                               019
June 1996         CY0AA     CY0             VE9AA,WA8JOC,W9OEH and more 010
June 1996         CO4OTA    CO     NA-056                               015
July 1996         ZK1AAV    ZK              by AA8U, K8MJZ & AG8W       015
07/07-10/07       EJ7NET    EI     EU-009   Great Blasket by WestNet DX 012
13/07-14/07       *** CQ World Wide VHF Contest ***
13/07-14/07       VA7SKI(?) VE              VHF DXpedition CO80(grid)   016
13/07-20/07       ?????     HB0                                         019
17/07-24/07 (?)   ?????     VK     NewOne   Call not known, by VK8NSB++ 014
23/07-30/07       GM0PC     GM     EU-010   By UK operators             016
25/07-01/08       ?????            NA-126   VHF activity                016
25/07-29/07       ?????            EU-065                               019
29/07-12/08       IM0/IK2MRZ       EU-024+165                           019
Summer 1996       N1TMG/1   USA             Block Island                010
08/08-14/08       VK8NSB           NewOne                               016
30/31 August      *** New Orleans International DX Convention ***       009
Until August      9L1JC     9L                                          012
08/09-22/09       8Q7PM     8Q                                          016
Until September   5R8EN     5R              By F2JD                     014
Until Feb 97      FT5WE     FT              F5IJT                       009
Until Feb 97      FT5WF     FT              F5SZK                       009

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9M3VR      - DL7VRO                      ED1XFC     - EA1AKP
ED5SGA     - EA5BTP                      TM5FER     - F6KQK
ZD8DEZ     - G0DEZ

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        ** Any information about DX , Satellites , Software , **
        ** etc ... Should be sent to the addresses below :    **

              DXCluster :CT6ARU > CT4KQ-5        

              DXCluster :CT1ENQ > CT4KQ-5
              Adic.QTH  :Rua Dr.Alberto Souto ,N 19  2-Andar ,3800 Aveiro
              QSL       :P.O.Box 108 , 4801 Guimaraes , Portugal

              DXCLuster :CT1EEB > CT4KQ-5

     /\----<<< The first Portuguese digital DX bulletin >>>----/\