HF Traffic Nets?? HF Traffic

HF Traffic Nets?? HF Traffic

Post by Frederick V. Ads » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a 20 or 40 mtr traffic net in
> the Maryland/DC/***ia area.  Thank you very much.  73 KF3AG

Samson, I am sure there is. I haven't had any contact with ayone out
that way since I moved back here in 92, but I used to listen to a few on
both the 20 and 40 meter spectrum.

Anyone else in here from that part of the world willing to help?


There are none that I know of, and this is generally true in all states.
20M is generally used by traffic-handlers only for TransContinental Corps
purposes. 40M is mainly used for Area Nets, on phone, in the afternoons,
and these nets are only for designated reps from/to the TCC and the
various 75M SSB/80M CW Region Nets, which are in turn populated by
designated reps to/from Section Nets, which meet in most cases on
75M SSB around 5pm local time and at 7 and 10PM on 80M CW. All
this can be noted in the ARRL Net Directory, which also contains listings
from all nets, NTS-affiliated or not, which fill out the form and send it
The reason for all this is simple -- each band is suited for the
the Section, Region and Area nets need to cover, as 20M is for TCC ops.

I might add that "poor" antennas, such as low-slung 80M dipoles or
severely shortened 80M dipoles, will put you in very good stead on the
large number of 75phone and 80cw traffic nets, since the distance covered
by such antennas is usually 200 miles or thereabouts, and thus actually
perfect for the purpose. So, if space is an issue, you might want to look
into a shortened antenna so you can use 80/75.  Good luck!

You might also wish to contact your Section Traffic Manager, who can be
found in the news for your ARRL Section, in QST Magazine.  If none is
shown, contact your Section Manager from the front of QST, or your
also in the front of the magazine.  I have not checked your location on
the Internet
yet, but you surely also have a 2M Local Net (traffic) in your immediate
area, and
the manager, or members of, that net can help you and will welcome you as

73 - Fred Adsit NY2V