UK EMC rules and UK repeaters

UK EMC rules and UK repeaters

Post by Kevin Purcell, R » Thu, 31 Dec 1992 03:46:45

In the recent posting of RSGB Bulliten they had the following notes:

January's Radio Communication has now been posted to all RSGB members. It
includes a full description of the Licence changes regarding EMC, and gives
details of the Radiocommunications Agency's new EMC Leaflet, EMC and the Radio
Amateur. Details are also given of the latest licensing negotiations between
the RSGB and the RA and there is a full report of the meeting between the RA,
the City and Guilds and the RSGB to review the first year of the Novice


The Central Birmingham VHF repeater GB3BM has now closed down due to problems
of security at the site, and the repeater keeper has relinquished the
franchise. The franchises for GB3BM and GB3AM in South Birmingham are now
vacant and any group of radio amateurs is invited to contact the RSGB's
Repeater Management Group with a view to taking over either or both
franchises. Application should be in writing to the RMG Chairman, Geoff Dover,
G4AFJ, whose address is correct in the RSGB's Call Book. The Midland area
repeaters GB3BX, GB3CF, GB3MH and GB3WK are now on time clock operation, from
0700 to 1800GMT until further notice.

Two questions:

I'd appreciate more information on the new EMC rules (I expect this is
to bring everyone into line with the new EEC EMC requirements. Is this
a benefit to UK hams?

Franchises? So this is how the repeater system works in the UK. Who
decided on the covered areas?

Do your interests match mine? If so call me. I'd like to hear from you.
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