NPDXG Bulletin # 11

NPDXG Bulletin # 11

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NPDXG Bulletin #11 [1/4]
January 30 , 1996                                                NPDXG # 11

                               DX BULLETIN
                             English version
                       Edited  by  CT1ENQ & CT1EEB
                     Portuguese Translation by CT1FUF
             *           NORTHERN PORTUGAL DX GROUP           *
             *       *** Grupo DX do Norte Portugal ***       *
                          UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO
                            CAMPUS DE S. TIAGO    
                               3810 AVEIRO

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

A35     - [Kingdom of Tonga] A35RK will be QRV , between Feb.20 to March.20
          , from Tonga.Modes of operation will be CW and RTTY , some SSB op.
          are expected (Hi).Paul is going there in business.Operations times
          are : 1700-1900Z and 0500-0900Z . NO OPERATION ON 160m.
          Some IOTA operations from there :
          Tongatapu group  OC-049
          Ha'apai group    OC-169
          Vava'u group     OC-064
          Paul's new QSL Route is : (Direct to) W7TSQ, Robert Preston, 809
          Cary Road, Edmonds, WA  98020  USA.
          DO NOT send cards to KK6H , W6 Bureau or A3 Bureau.
FT8     - [Crozet,Kerguelen,Amsterdam] FR5HR is on Reunion Isl. waiting for
          a boat to take him to this 3 Islands.His departure is scheduled
          for February 12th.It's first stop over will be on Crozet for 8 to
          10 days.
GU_160m - [Guernsey Isl.] The Club station GU3HFN (Guernsey ARS HQ) will be
          QRV for the CQ 160m Contest.The cndx are not very good to put a
          strong signal on the air but anyway GU is QRV on 160m. :-)
          QSL via bureau, or direct to :Guernsey ARS GU3HFN, P. O. Box 100,
          GUERNSEY GY1 3EL, via UK.
HI8     - [Dominican Republic] DF5WA is QRV as DF5WA/HI8 till Feb 6th.He's
          in Juan Dolio.Operation modes are SSB/CW and RTTY in all bands ,
          QSL via DF5WA, Berthold Faisst, Hegelstr. 3, D-55122 Mainz ,
J7      - [Dominica] As reported in the last issue some US operators went to
          this country . The callsign received for this DXpedition was J77A
          and QSL goes via K0SN.(see #10 for more info)
V31     - [Belize] NS0B (Alan) will be for the second time in Belize for the
          ARRL DX CW Contest in February.This will be a 3 person effort :
          NS0B , WC0W and WG9L.The arrival on Belize is scheduled to Feb 14th
          and departure for Feb 19th.They will concentrate mainly on the
          contest , wich means CW but some SSB activity may happen, probably
          starting Thursday after 1800 UTC, 160-10 meters (no WARC bands!).
          The callsign for this Dxpedition is V31EV but each operator will
          use his own call outside the contest : V31EV(NS0B),V31TP(WC0W) and
          WG9L is waiting for his call.QSL to the contest call via NS0B ,
          for non-contest calls QSL via op's home call.

VP5     - [Turks & Caicos Isl.] K8JP will be QRV from this country as
          VP5/K8JP from 11 to 19 Feb 96.He has plans to operate from Salt Cay
          (NA-003) with Jodi (VP5JM) , also QRV in the ARRL DX CW Contest
          wityh call VP5JP.QSL to Joe's new address : Joe Pontek, K8JP,
          P. O. Box 59573, Schaumburg, IL 60159-0573, U.S.A.
XV      - [Vietnam] From Feb 9 to 15, JA3UB, JR3MVF and JH3GRE will visit
          the club station in Ho-chi-minh city.They will be QRV from 160 to
          6 meters SSB/CW + WARC bands.The Callsign and QSL route will be
          announced later.Send sched/request to JH3GRE's FAX at :
ZY      - [Brasil] From Feb 4th. to 13th. PY3CEJ is QRV from Furado Island ,
          DIB-062 , as ZY3CEJ.Operation in SSB/CW on all bands.QSL via
          Also from Paz Island (IOTA SA027, DIB 063 and SC 01) , Callsign
          not known.From 26th to 28th Jan. QRV from 10-80m.QSL via PP5LL.

NPDXG Bulletin #11 [2/4]

R0/UR8LV -> This station is operating from many places like : Andreja Isl.,
Bolshoj Isl., Russkij Isl., Prawdy Isl. and many other , right now is on
Mys Cheljuskin.QSL Manager is UR7LD , via the bureau or to his QSL address :
Box 9909, Kharkiv 310070, Ukraine.

Info from PS7KM -> Karl Leite (PS7KM) is the QSL Manager for the following
Brazilian stations :

     For Fernando de Noronha Island, PY0F:
         - ZY0FK, FKL, FMC, FCM, FA, FCA, FMN, FRT, FZB
         - PY0FK, FA
     For Trindade Island, PY0T:
         - ZY0TK, TC, TR, TF, TO
         - PY0TK  
     For Saint Peter & Saint Paul Rocks, PY0S:
         - ZY0SS, SK, SP, SY, SW
         - PY0SK, PY0SR                    
     For Rocas Atoll, PY0R:
         - ZY0RK
         - PY0RK
     Special calls:
         - ZW7KM

Karl will answer to replies until Jan 97 after that day he will "destroy"
the logs ! Send QSL request to : PS7KM (PSE SASE >1 GreenStamp).Don't write
callsigns on the envelope.

PY QSL info -> JH2MRA (ex-PY operator) has received some QSL's from the PY
Bureau when he visited PY land last August , but he does not receive more
QSL's to his PY operations from the Brazilian Bureau so send your QSLs to
JH2MRA (Bureau or Direct).His operations were: PY3ZYM/PY0F, PS7ZNA/PY0F

Info from CT1FAK -> Rui (CT1FAK) is a very active station on the Oscar Birds
he his QRV from Ilhavo [IN50QO] . His QSL address is not on the Callbook
but you can send QSL via CT1GY (His Father) wich is on the Callbook !
Rui is very active on VHF and he listens to the VHF net on HF , call for him

EME , AO-13 , etc.

VU2PAI QSL -> Pai had problems the Indian E. Customs all due to the famous
greenstamps that he receives in his QSL cards.So he asks to stop sending
dollars and to send some foreign stamps for his collection (Some local stamps
from your country, Hi!).He is also improving his new QTh for 160m operation.

D2TT & D3T QSL's are OUT ! -> Peter (ON6TT) has received the QSL's from the
printer.ON5NT (Peter's Manager) is mailing the QSL's. [D3T July/Aug 95 op.]

ZW0C QLS's -> ZW0C was the callsign used by the "Teresinha DX Group" in their
DXpedition from Caju Island (Brazil) , IOTA SA-072 and DIB-17.The QSLs for
this operation will be available from Feb 5th. , as it seems is going to be
beautiful QSL card.QSL for ZW0C and ZW0X via PS8DX (Junior).
Operation from ZW0C was in Nov. 1995.

VP8CSA QSL's -> Dieter (DL1SDN) stills waiting for the logs from Mark ,
VP8CSA.He has sent the logs twice but they got lost in the way to DL !
The QSL is already printed (A simple one because the photos got lost too)
and Dieter will start sending the QSLs as soon as Mark returns in Feb.96.

Portuguese Castels Award -> CT1FMX was QRV as CR5FMX from "Fortaleza de
Peniche" (Ref. F-031).Operation bands from 10 to 80 mtrs.QSL via CT1FMX ,
Bureau or Direct to : Jorge , P.O.Box 189 , 2562 Torres Vedras , Portugal.

NPDXG Bulletin #11 [3/4]

                          The Awards Corner
                     Calgary Stampede City Award

Rules: Obtain 10 points by contacting Calgary Amateurs on any band/mode from
Jan1/1962. ONLY Log information required. Available to SWL's. The following
stations VE6AO, VE6NQ (CLUB STNS)  and Life members of our club: VE6AP,
count TWO points. Other Calgary stations count 1 point each.
Send log information to Award Manager: Russ.A.Wilson,VE6VK, 1235 Richland
Road N.E. Calgary, AB. Canada. T2E 5M5. Cost of award is $3 U/S. (Return
postage is included so not much profit for our club)  This is a very nice
award. It is a colored picture of a chuckwagon race at the Calgary
Exhibition and Stampede. Four white horses pulling the chuckwagon. I am
usually listening on 14260 so if I can help by phoning some local stations I
will be pleased to do so....73...Russ. (VE6VK)


                    /// ARLD002 DXCC update \\\

Documentation for the following operations has been received and approved:

3A/I1YRL       3A/IK1OWC      3A/I2MOV       3A/I1ZB        3A/I8FXT
3W5FM          4B9CQ          6Y5/DL1DA      7P8CW          7Q7DC
8Q7CW          9J2CE          9N1AN          9N1SXW         9R1A
CN2NI          D2RU           DU1/SM5ENX     HI/DL1DA       HS0ZCJ
HS/DF8AN       HS/KM4P        J3J            J3X            J3Y
TT8BP          TY8G           VK9LX          VK9LZ          VK9NM
VK9XRS         VR2/DF8AN      VU2/DJ9RB      XT2DP          XZ1A
XY1HT          XZ1X           XZ1Z           ZA5B           ZA9B
ZA/PB0AIO      ZA/PA0HTR      ZK1DI          ZL7CW          ZL7PYD
                          * DXCC Information *
                     [ SCARBOROUGH REEF - NEW ONE ]
#This new country was added to the DXCC List based on the Section II, Point #
#2(a) -> (Separation by the Sea) of the ARRL DXCC Rules.QSL cards are valid #
#for the contacts starting January 1st. 1995 .The only valid operation for  #
#credit took place in April 1995 (1994 operations won't be credited).The    #
#QSL's can be sent from 1st. of April 1996.(S.Reef will not change the Honor#
#Roll).                                                                     #

                      *   Internet Web Pages   *
             Here are some WWW pages that you should follow :
* 1995 South China Sea DX Activity Celebration Web Site:                   *
*                                     *
*                                                                          *
* XZ1N DXpedition Web Site:                                                *
*                                   *
* (Learn all about this MAJOR upcoming DXpedition!)                        *
*                                                                          *
* Huang Yan Dao (Scarborough Reef) Home Page:                              *
*                                           *
* (for the BS7H slide show to be added soon!)                              *
*  The Northern Portugal DX Group Bulletin is edited by CT1ENQ & CT1EEB    *
*  Any info for our Bulletin should be sent to following address :         *

*           CT1ENQ > CT4KQ-5 (DX CLuster)                               *

*  The NPDXGroup is a part of A.R.U.A. (CT6ARU) - Aveiro University Radio  *


NPDXG Bulletin #11 [4/4]
January 30 , 1996                                                NPDXG # 11

                      The Northern Portugal DX Group

              CT1ENQ ------ *  DX Calendar  * ------ CT1EEB    

December/January  VP8CRE (Faraday IOTA AN-006 / WABA G-04)
December/January  VP8CQR (Deception IOTA AN-010 / WABA G-10)
January           XZ1A * by OH2BH + OH1NYP
23/01-30/01       ZP73Y * Special Event Station                         010
25/01-31/01       Margie Isl. Abrolhos Gr.* NEW ONE for IOTA by VK6's   010
26/01-29/01       ZS64RI (Robben Island  IOTA AF-064)                   010
till Feb 6th.     DF5WA/HI8 * All bands + 160m  SSB//CW/RTTY            011
04/02-13/02       ZY3CEJ * Furado Isl. DIB-062                          011
09/02-15/02       XV (Cambodia) * by JA3UB, JR3MVF and JH3GRE           011
12/02-??/??       FT8 Crozet+Kerguelen+Amsterdam by FR5HR               011
14/02-19/02       V31EV , V31TP & V31?? * by NS0B , WC0W and WG9L   011
20/02-20/03       A35RK * (Also IOTA op. See on TOP)                    011
June 1996         CY0AA > Sable Island * by VE9AA,WA8JOC,W9OEH and more 010
Summer 1996       N1TMG/1 > Block Island                             010
30/31 August 96   New Orleans International DX Convention               009
Until Feb 97      FT5WE & FT5WF by F5IJT , F5SZK                    009

[QSL Info] :

DX <-------> VIA                            
4L2M    - DJ0IF
CR5FMX  - CT1FMX (Bureau or Direct)
J77A    - K0SN
LU6Z    - LU6EF
P40WA   - K9UWA
R0/UR8LV- UR7LD (Bureau or Direct)
ZW0C    - PS8DX
ZW0X    - PS8DX
Z37DRS  - Z31ET


UR7LD   - Box 9909, Kharkiv 310070, Ukraine.
CT1FMX  - Jorge , P.O.Box 189 , 2562 Torres Vedras , Portugal.
*Received QSLs* -> WW1V (IOTA NA-137)

                               --- * ---  

              Thanks for information/feedback/opinions :          
PS7KM , WD8MGQ , WB3LUI , VE6VK , ON6TT , PS7AB & PYDX , 425 DX News , UY0LL
JH1ROJ, OZ8RO , K8JP , PS8DX , Teresinha DX Group , DF5WA

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              Adic.QTH  :Rua Dr.Alberto Souto ,N 19  2-Andar ,3800 Aveiro
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