Numbers Stations Info: ENIGMA Newsletter Issue 3

Numbers Stations Info: ENIGMA Newsletter Issue 3

Post by Mike Cha » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 01:08:33


Numbers Fans!

Issue 3 of ENIGMA, the journal of The European Numbers Information
Group and Monitoring Association has just been published.

In Issue 3 you'll find:

        * Details of how to order Simon Mason's excellent book
          "Secret Signals (The Euro Numbers Mystery)"

        * Letters from Numbers Stations monitors around the world

        * The "Tyrolean Music" Numbers Station - A retrospective

        * Station News and Latest Monitoring Data

                * The Lincolnshire Poacher
                * The US Counting Stations
                * Station NNN
                * The 3 Tone Oddity
                * The Five Dashes Station
                * Station Strich
                * Spanish Numbers Stations
                * Bulgarian Betty
                * Czech Station OLX - with a complete transmission schedule

        * "The German Two Letter Stations" an article from Simon Mason.
          This includes a complete transmission schedule for these stations
          as compiled for ENIGMA member's logs - callsigns, times and the
          frequencies used.

        * A detailed look at the Female Phonetic Alphabet Stations which
          are apparently operated by Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Service.

        * Detailed time and frequency information for each of the stations
          featured including North American monitoring data as well as that
          from Europe.

If you are in any way interested in Numbers Stations, then this is *the*
definitive, up-to-the-minute guide for you - look no further. A copy of
ENIGMA 3 can be obtained by post from:

        Chris Midgley
        195 Roberttown Lane
        West Yorkshire
        WF15 7LG
        United Kingdom

The journal is still free of charge but return postage or IRCs and a small
donation would be appreciated. Please do not send any return envelopes with
your request!

ENIGMA is working towards an electronically produced issue which can then
also be distributed via UseNet but for the time being, get your paper copy
direct from Chris - it's well worth it.

Magazines, DX Clubs and other interested groups can also request a "flyer"
from Chris, which will tell you about ENIGMA, the group and its aims. We
would be very interested to hear from you and thereby perhaps spread the
coverage of our monitoring activities. I also have an electronic copy of
the flyer for those requesting it direct from here.

Meanwhile, I will be happy to co-ordinate the electronic side of
things here on UseNet. Any reference material, archive articles and
logs sent to me will be passed on to Chris for inclusion into the

You can reach me via Internet e-mail at:

Thanks & 73, Mike