NPDXG Bulletin #18b

NPDXG Bulletin #18b

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NPDXG Bulletin #18 [1/3]

 May 15 , 1996                                                  NPDXG # 18

                               DX BULLETIN
                             English version
                       Edited  by  CT1ENQ & CT1EEB
                     Portuguese Translation by CT1FUF
                    Portuguese Paper version by CT1EEB
             *           NORTHERN PORTUGAL DX GROUP           *
             *       *** Grupo DX do Norte Portugal ***       *
                "Aveiro University RadioAmateur Association"
                          UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO
                            CAMPUS DE S. TIAGO    
                               3810  AVEIRO

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  
                                  * HF *

3C0     -[Annobon Isl.] Teo (EA6BH) has plans in returning to Eq. Guine and
         operate from Annobon Isl. (3C0).
3V      -[Tunisia] YT1AD will operate again from 3V8BB , May 23rd to 30th.
6W1     -[Senegal] N2WCQ/6W1 is QRV until May 29th.QSL via PA3BUD.
6Y      -[Jamaica] From June 13th to 29th , Theo (PA3ARL) will sign /6Y5.
9L      -[Sierra Leone] Baldur is active from this country as 9L/DJ6SI.
BV_iota -[Kin-Men Isl.(IOTA AS-102)] This Island should be activated in late
         July , during 5 days. They will have two active stations at the same
         time.Callsigns to be used are BO0K and BO0KS. (Nice calls , Hi!).
9N      -[Nepal] Kyoko has returned to Nepal where is signing 9N1KY until
C2      -[Nauru] C21/JA1WPX is active , specially on 160 , 80 and 40 mtrs.
C6_iota -[Green Turtle Cay IOTA NA-080] Untill June 12th, KM1E as C6AGN.
         QSL via KA1DIG.Aslo from C6 , June 7th to 17th , WZ8D as C6AIE.
CQ1_fd  -[Portugal (Fiel Day)] The A.R.V.M. and R.C.O. are preparing a field
         day for June 1st to 2nd.The event will took place in the Obidos
         Castle.QRV on HF (20/40/80 mrts) SSB, VHF Packet as CQ1O-5 and also
         on ATV.
CT1_iota-[Insua Isl. (IOTA EU-150)] The NPDXG DXpedition Team is preparing a
         DXpedition to this Island for the 1996 IOTA Contest.Operation before
         and after the contest.The Team is composed by : CT1ZW, CT1DVV,
         CT1EEB, CT1ENQ, CT1ESV and CT1ETZ.Also joining our team : CT1BWW and
CT1_iota-[Berlenga Isl. (IOTA EU-040)] The GPDX Contest Team will be active
         from this Island for the 1996 IOTA Contest.Team is: CT1AHU, CT1BOH,
         CT1BOP, CT1CBI, CT1DIZ and CT4NH.
D6      -[Comoros] DL4XS, DL6ET and DL3KDV , from August 22 to September 4
         on all bands including 160 mtrs.
EA_iota -[Sancti Petri (IOTA EU-143)] From June 8th to 9th , ED7SPI. QSL via
ET      -[Etispia] DK3VN reports that Peter (ET3BN) has been active on 20
         mtrs.RTTY normally from 1800z to 1900z on 14.085 Mhz.QSL to P.O.Box
         150194, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
F_iota  -[Fort Enet (IOTA EU32/65)] Didier (F6ELE) and Bertrand (F6HKA) will
         operate from Fort Enet (IOTA EU32) on May 18-19 and Molene island
         (IOTA EU65) on July 25 to 29.Also HB0/ from July 13 to 19. They will
         active 160 to 10m.
F_iota  -[Friuoul Isl. (IOTA EU-095)] TM1MA wil be active from May 16th to
         18th.QSL via F5TKA.
F_iota  -[Vierge Isl. (IOTA EU-105)] Derek (F5VRC,ex-GW4VRV) will be active
         from this Isl on May 24th to 27th.
F_iota  -[Cordouan Isl. (IOTA EU-159)] From June 28th to July 5th , F6EXQ and
         more operators will be active from this Island as F6KSA/P .
FO_iota -[IOTA OC-067] Stan (FO5IW) has been heard on 20 meters .
G_iota  -[Monach Isl. (IOTA EU-111)] GM4FDM, GM3NIG, GM3UTQ, GM4YMA and
         GM3COB are planning a DXpedition to this Island for the IOTA Contest
         Callsign maybe GM5VG/P.This Group has benn inactive since 88/89.
G_iota  -[Wight Isl. (IOTA EU-120)] G0ORH , G3KLH , G3ZGC and more op's from
         the Newbury Radio Club will participate in the 1996 IOTA Contest
         from this Island.
HL_iota -[Chebu Isl. (IOTA AS-105)] Min (HL1SSG) and members from the Korean
         DX Club will be active as DS0DX/2 , from May 24th to 26th.QSL via
I_iota  -[Toscano Arq. (IOTA EU-028)] IK2HTW will sign /IA5 from June 16 to
IS0_iota-[IOTA EU-165] During August , Davide (IK1TKS) will be active from
         some Islands: (EU-165) San Pietro (IIA CA-013), Piana (IIA CA-008)
         ,Ratti (IIA  CA-010) and Calavinagra (IIA CA-019).Davide will sign
JA_iota -[IOTA AS-067] Yuki (JI6KVR) will be active from this group for the
         IOTA Contest.
JD1_iota-[Iwo Jima Isl. (IOTA AS-030)] JH2ENF/JD1 is active from this Island
         mainly in CW.
JD1     -[Minami Torishima] JG8NQJ/JD1 is QRV untill May 21st and again for
         a three month period starting July 15th.QSL via JA8CJY : Susumu
         Sanada, 5-4 Shin-ei, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo  004, Japan.
JX      -[Jan Mayen] Per (LA7DFA) is QRV on 20m CW (14.008Mhz) with call
         JX7DFA.Fridays from 1000z to 1400z on RTTY.
KL7_iota-[Barren Isl. (IOTA NA-New)] John (NL7TB) reported that the
         DXpedition to the Barren Isl. is confirmed for July 4th. during 4
         days.The call will be NL7TB and operation will take effect from
         Ushagat Isl. on 80,40 and 20 m SSB.After this they will try to put
         on the air some more Islands :
         Callsign        Island          data        QSL mgr
         ---------       -----------    ---------   ---------
         NL7TB           Ushagat Is.    July 4-8      NL7TB
         N6IV/KL7        unknown        July 9/10     NL7TB
         VY1ISL          unknown        July 9/10     NL7TB
         VY1ISL          unknown        July 11-13    NL7TB
         VY1AU           unknown        July 11-13    NL7TB
         VY1AU/VE7       unknown        July 15-17    NL7TB
         N6IV/m KL7      unknown        July 18-19    NL7TB
         and Douglas Is.  AK-18S/NA-041    
SV_iota -[Samos Isl. (IOTA EU-049)] Vito will sign SV8/I3BQC from June 20th
         to July 5th.
UA0_iota-[IOTA AS-054] Starting May 17th and for a week UR8LV/R0.QSL via
UA0_iota-[Ushakova Isl. (IOTA AS-new)] Viktor (UT8LL) will be active from
         this island (NewOne) for 2 days , starting May 19th or 20th ,
         signing R0/
VK4_iota-[IOTA 172/187] Steve (AA6LF) operating as VK4ALF, hopes to activate
         the Low Islets,OC-172, starting May 21 or May 22 for about three
         days.  He plans to then go on to OC-187 and activate either Stanley
         Island or Howick Island using the same call starting about June
         first.  These plans are subject to change due to the weather.  
         QSL to AA6BB.
VK_iota -[Lacepede Isl. (IOTA OC-new)] The DXpedition to Sandy Isl. in
         Lacepede Islands , by VK6LC (Malcolm) and VK6DBL (Dave), is
         confirmed for May 16th to 21th.Callsign is VK6ISL and QSL via I1HYW.
VK_iota -[Saumarez Reef (IOTA OC-new)] Bill (VK4FW) reports that the
         DXpedition to this Reef has been postponed.
YB_iota -[Mentawai Isl, IOTA OC-new] Until May 20th. 8A5ITU.QSL via YC5BLG.
ZF      -[Cayman Isl.] Mike (W5ZPA) will sign ZF2PA from May 19th to 25th.

                           ===  * VUSHF *  ===

<None = Send your Info ! 73s>


NPDXG Bulletin #18 [2/3]

Error in last NPDXG Bull.-> In the first DXinfo annoncement you should
read F1IXQ instead of F1IXO.Thanks to F5CCO (Eric) for correction.

New IOTA Ref. ->

OC-212  VK2  NEW SOUTH WALES STATE CENTRE group  (Australia, New South Wales
islands,  letter  "a"), [VK2BRT operation from Broughton Isl.]

OC-213  YB8  TOGIAN IS  (Indonesia, islands YB8,  letter "t"), [YE8T op.]

                New Portuguese Islands Award References

BA-008  Ariana Island
BA-009  Moinho Island
BA-010  Monte Branco Island
BA-011  Juromenha Island
BA-012  Bacelos Island
BA-013  Bacelos pequena Island
BA-014  Palmeira Island
BA-015  Palmeira pequena Island
BA-016  Azenha brava Island
BA-017  Leziria Internacional Island
BA-018  Sao Bras Island
BL-???  Gramatal Island  ("Waiting number from DIP Manager")

HA0HW QSL info -> Laci has been receiving QSL for this stations but he is
not QSL manager for them :
   Call                  Via
   ---------           ------
   7X2VZK     try via  OM3CGN
   3XY0A               YU1FW
   Y24AO/HB0           DJ0XC
   Y32IH/HB0           DL3HYL
   XU2UN               SP5AAS
   XU3UN               SP5AAS
   XU5UN               SP3AAS

He his QSL manager for :

   HB0/HA0ET/p    HB0/HA0KB/p     HB0/HA0HW/p
   SV9/HA0ET/p    SV9/HA0HV/p     SV9/HG0D/p    SV9/HA0HW/p
   SV8/HA0HW/p    OK3/HA0HW/p     I6/HA0HW/p    OH6/HA0HW/p
   HB9/HA0HW/p    DL/HA0HW/p      OE/HA0HW/p
   XU0HW          XU7VK           XU95HA
   T91EZC         T94KM           T94KW         T95MNR      T96RNR
   HA0KHW         HG0FIN          HG0TYP        HGM0TYP

New Logging Software mainly for VHF'ers ! -> A new version of TACLog (1,40)
was released on 24 April 1996 :

TACLog is a contest log program devoted to VHF and up. Some of
the features are:
- free format input (random order)
- multiband support for 14 bands simultainously
- counters for DXCCs, WWL, DOK/UK Counties/CQ/ITU/States/Provinces...
- Region 1 standard file, REG1TEST (and NORDACTI, RSGB, ARRL)
- automated locator look up, also vs band
- search and find functions
- QSO-points vs distance, radial ring, WWL ring
- CW & voice messages (voice keyer or Sound Blaster), PTT on COM/LPT
- multible user dependent editor environment and voice messages
- QSL management
- tons of statistics, reports and polar (beam) maps
- configurable for 7,4 * 10^40 different contest
- Wizard set-up for contests
- set-up for maximum performance of PC
- accepts microwave WWLs, converts to closest WWL
- context sensitive help texts in DAN, DEU, ENG, ITA, NED, and POL
- runs on 8088 PC (XT)
+ much much more, try it and you will love it!

* * * Public Domain * * *

You can find TACLog (TACL140.ZIP) at:
HAM BBS          (+45) 86 93 34 77   file area LO
Dubus BBS        (+49) 30 45 57 625  file area  6
Representatives  DJ3LE, I4YNO, OX3LX, OZ1FDJ, PB0AOL, SM7SCJ or SP3SUX

*  The Northern Portugal DX Group Bulletin is edited by CT1ENQ & CT1EEB    *
*  Any info for our Bulletin should be sent to following address :         *

*           CT1ENQ > CT4KQ-5 (DX CLuster)                                  *

*           CT1EEB > CT4KQ-5 (DX Cluster)                                  *

*  The NPDXGroup is a part of A.R.U.A. (CT6ARU) - Aveiro University Radio  *



NPDXG Bulletin #18 [3/3]

May 15 , 1996                                                  NPDXG # 18

                      The Northern Portugal DX Group

              CT1ENQ ------ *  DX Calendar  * ------ CT1EEB    

 Date of op.    Callsign    DXCC    IOTA    Other Info abt.             Nr.
02/05-14/05       V73W      V7     OC-028                               016
04/05-14/05       ZL8RI     ZL8             Raoul Isl , by ZL's,W's ... 013
10/05-20/05       ZB2/DL7CM + ZB2/DL1BX                                 016
18/05-31/05       ??????    VK9C            by VK4FW, VK2IVK, VK4DHM    017
24/05-26/05       CT8FMX/p  CT              DFP FAL-003                 015
25/05-14/06       SV5/SM7DAY/P     EU-001   DXCC -> SV5                 016
May  1996         ??????    VK     New one  Lacepede Isl. by VK6LC      012
May-June 96       ZS8IR     ZS8             Marion Isl.                 014
May-end of 96     ZD8DEZ    ZD     AF-063   by G0DEZ                    017
09/06-15/06       N1LJA/VP9                                             016
27/06-04/07       ??????    J6              by F5CCO                    017
28/06-01/07       GJ3RTE/P  GJ     EU-099   + GJ3SWH  , SSB + CW        016
Until June 12th   PY0TI     PY     SA-010   Trindade Isl. by PY1UP      012
June 1996         CY0AA     CY0             VE9AA,WA8JOC,W9OEH and more 010
June 1996         CO4OTA    CO     NA-056                               015
July 1996         ZK1AAV    ZK              by AA8U, K8MJZ & AG8W       015
07/07-10/07       EJ7NET    EI     EU-009   Great Blasket by WestNet DX 012
13/07-14/07       *** CQ World Wide VHF Contest ***
13/07-14/07       VA7SKI(?) VE              VHF DXpedition CO80(grid)   016
17/07-24/07 (?)   ?????     VK     NewOne   Call not known, by VK8NSB++ 014
23/07-30/07       GM0PC     GM     EU-010   By UK operators             016
25/07-01/08       ?????            NA-126   VHF activity                016
Summer 1996       N1TMG/1   USA             Block Island                010
08/08-14/08       VK8NSB           NewOne                               016
30/31 August      *** New Orleans International DX Convention ***       009
Until August      9L1JC     9L                                          012
08/09-22/09       8Q7PM     8Q                                          016
Until September   5R8EN     5R              By F2JD                     014
Until Feb 97      FT5WE     FT              F5IJT                       009
Until Feb 97      FT5WF     FT              F5SZK                       009
 <There has been no updated on the calendar this week due to lack of time>

[QSL Info] :

DX <-------> VIA                            
IQ9IB      - IT9KDA                     IR9B       - IT9STX
P29VH      - VK4FW                      UB3IDX     - N5FG
US1I       - N5FG                       US1IDX     - N5FG


IT9KDA     - Santino, P.O.Box 99, Santa Di Riva, Messina, Sicily, ITALY
VK4FW      - Bill Horner, 26 Iron St, Gympie, QLD 4570, AUSTRALIA
*Received QSLs* -> 4U0ITU, 4U9U, 5U7M, C56/DL7UTA, ED5DX, J42T, LV0A, SV9ANH
                   T93M, T94IW, TP7CE, VR6JJ  <All via Bureau except T9*>

                               --- * ---  

              Thanks for information/feedback/opinions :          
F5CCO, N5FG, PS7AB, PY-DX, DXNS and many others ...

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        ** Any information about DX , Satellites , Software , **
        ** etc ... Should be sent to the addresses below :    **

              DXCluster :CT6ARU > CT4KQ-5        

              DXCluster :CT1ENQ > CT4KQ-5
              Adic.QTH  :Rua Dr.Alberto Souto ,N 19  2-Andar ,3800 Aveiro
              QSL       :P.O.Box 108 , 4801 Guimaraes , Portugal

              DXCLuster :CT1EEB > CT4KQ-5

     /\----<<< The first Portuguese digital DX bulletin >>>----/\


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