Fwd: Maryland Senate Bill 2, the "Cell Phone" Bill

Fwd: Maryland Senate Bill 2, the "Cell Phone" Bill

Post by SWLe » Wed, 26 Mar 2008 08:27:27

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1 pm the hearing for the cell phone bill, Senate
Bill 2, will be held in the House of Delegates Environmental Matters
Committee hearing room.  This is the "cell phone" bill
mentioned in my recent newsletter. If you enjoy talking on your radio
in your car, you might want to pay attention to what happens with this

I will testify at the hearing tomorrow in support of language exempting
amateur radio operation. If you would like to show support for our
proposed amendment by being in the hearing room audience, please come.
You can park in the stadium parking lot off of Rowe Blvd and take the
free shuttle bus right to the House Office Building at 6 Bladen Ave.

Our strategy here is to ask the committee directly for a simple
exemption for amateur radio. We do not believe it is in the interest of
the amateur radio service to take a position on this controversial
bill. But, if the bill passes, we definitely want an amateur radio
exemption in it. This is the broadest exemption we think we can get
without sparking distracting controversy:

(4) Use of a two--way radio that operates with push--to--talk
technology by an individual holding a current amateur radio license.

It parallels the exemptions in the bill for operators of commercial
vehicles and emergency personnel. If we ask for more, there is a
distinct possibility that we will get nothing and will diminish the
credibility we need for future legislative efforts.

Those who are represented by committee members will receive a separate
e-mail asking you to e-mail your delegates and seek their support for
our amendment.

To read the bill and see where our amendment would fit after line 14 on
page 5, please click:

To see the agenda of the committee please click on:
Note that the chair reserves the right to make last-minute changes.

To determine who your delegate is, please click:

The delegates on the committee may be found at:

ARRL Maryland-DC Section
Section Manager: James E. Cross, WI3N