Information needed on Tandy 4000 computer

Information needed on Tandy 4000 computer

Post by Tim Wrig » Tue, 08 Mar 1994 07:03:31

Well first off it has a 3 1/2 and a 5 1/4 floppies and the min of
a 40 meg HD with a EGA monitor.  I paid $25.00 for it. Heck the case
is worth $50.00 just to build one.

I powered it up and it booted perfectly. The monitor has full rapture
on it before the CPU was powered. After the CPU booted using DOS 5.0
the monitor was showing three boot up listings along with 3 C> promts.
These 3 columns (sp) are over lapping and 2 of the 3 promts were fuzzy
and only one was clear but it all still over lapped.

I installed Super Morse off of a 3 1/2 and then again off of a 5 1/4.
both floppies work perfectly as well as the Hard Drive. The SM program
did like the boot up all overlapping.  I then installed a game called
Space Quest II and the monitor cleared right up and the system ran
perfectly.  I reinstalled SM and the Monitor went back into the over
lapping letters.  I connected the monitor to another CPU and it worked
perfectly again. So this rules out the monitor.
I am suspecting that the problem lies in the video driver cmds in the
DOS 5.0 system program.  What brings me to think this is that a game
has its own program to run the game which carries its own video driver

If some of you computer experts out there either agree or disagree
PLEASE let me know.  I want to get this machine up and running on
Packet A.S.A.P.

Thanks a bunch

Tim Wright  KD4OVM