Post by Jonathan Sw » Mon, 06 Jun 1994 06:44:51

Thanks to a recent reply regarding my TH-28A VHF hand held( & its freqs)
I have mangaged to unearth several undocumented features of these
Kenwood HF/UHF sets ! Why the manuals don't mention them beats me !!!!!

TH-28A   Can be easily convinced to cover AM aircraft band ( 118-136MHz)
      1. Turn on & make sure you're in VFO mode on VHF
      2. Touch F button for 1 sec or so until it flashes
      3. Then touch LOW button. LCD shows 118-136 range (receive only)!!

       * All usual Mem/ Scanning functions available.
       * Repeat steps 2 & 3 to return to normal VHF 136-173 MHz .
TH-78A   Can be persuaded to receive cell phones AND < PLAY POKER > !
CELL  1. Turn on & ensure in VFO mode & on UHF
PHs   2. Touch F button for 1 second until it flashes on LCD
---   3. Touch BAND button. Display & coverage is then 800-1000Mhz UHF,
          & 300 up on VHF. All mem/scanning features available.
      4. Repeat procedure to return to normal

      1. With set off touch PTT + M + PWR UP keys simultaneously.
         ( Similar to "3 fingered salute" CTRL+ALT+DEL with PCs)
      2. Display changes to show the card game POKER !!
      *  Simply PWR OFF to return to normal radio use.
      *  Actual keys to play the game I have listed here O.K., but will
         only make available if wanted ... request if you can't work out

Any other "mods" out there ? 73s de ZL2AJZ & ZL2USP in New Zealand