Post by Oris » Mon, 08 Jun 1998 04:00:00

After further research the owner of this bogas email address is no other
then the low life James V. the idoit Obrian III ( the V is for vomit,
pig vomit).

hope you can accept my pardon. Yes pig vomit is in here using other
peoples names and email address's I thought that there was a simularity
when he attacked first then cry foul when he got hit back!
 Run wimp run. How much weight did you lose running from Paul at Dayton?
I heard that you do alot of running at Dayton. How about that bowling
pin wife of yours did you keep her in hiding cause you didn't want her
spreading her *** germs all over the ham sight.
 Whats this I hear about the CBers in Pauling County Ga planing another
drug bust with you in the center. Are you dealing *** again? I bet you
can't wait to see bubba again.
 I also heard the Donna's real name is Don is this true?  I bet old
Bubba isn't going to be to happy about that.
 I also noticed the simularty in the style of writing when one calls

truth is he is such a loser such a loser.
 He has to hide because he knows that knowbody likes him. He got his
***kicked on 75 mtrs and so he hides on 2 mtrs and 11 mtrs ( were he
can feel like he is better than when in all the truth is he is acting
better then feeling less than and is worse then the lowest CB trash.
          What a loser this guy is.