NECGraph-Windows DEMO Available

NECGraph-Windows DEMO Available

Post by Scott Townl » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT:  NECGraph-Windows (by Scott Townley, NX7U)

DEMO VERSION NOW AVAILABLE:  A demo version of NECGraph-Windows should be
available on the NEC archives ( in /pub/ra/rander/NEC; or
in /pub/aces/NEC) within the next few days.  The demo is called NG_DEMO.ZIP and it illustrates
the available graphical outputs of NECGraph-Windows.


NECGraph-Windows is a Windows-based program for producing publication-quality graphical
output from your NEC (Numerical Electromagnetics Code) program.

NECGraph was originally written for my own personal use after having suffered through many
years of hand-plotting tables of text or importing hand-modified output files into popular
spreadsheets with almost no true scientific graphics capabilities.

NECGraph *isn't* NEC bundled into the Windows environment.  You will need to use your own
NEC executable to generate the output files that  NECGraph utilizes.  This approach does have
advantages:  (1) You can  continue to use your customized/modified NEC sources and
executables, (2) You don't need to spend money on an executable that you may already have or
can download for free, and (3) I can spend all my time on the graphical aspects of the program.


NECGraph will automatically parse the text-based output files from all openly-available versions
of NEC (including NEC-2, NEC-NEEDS version from ACES, the PC-compatible NECs on
/pub/ra/rander/NEC at, and NEC-4 from LLNL) and generates almost any plot of
interest.  Features include:

...Far Field Patterns
...Near Electric and Magnetic Field Patterns
...Impedance and Admittance versus Frequency
...Derived Impedance quantities (Return Loss, VSWR) versus Frequency

*Types of Plots Available*

...X-Y (rectilinear)
...Smith Chart (impedance and admittance coordinates)


...Multiple-frequency plots of all radiation patterns; pick and choose which frequencies to plot.
...Plot Impedance or Admittance versus Frequency on either rectilinear or Smith coordinates.
Plot impedances of antenna systems with multiple inputs on one chart (useful for array antennas)
...User-definable VSWR circles overlaid on Smith chart plots
...User-definable plot scaling (dynamic range, size of divisions, log axes), as well as normalized
...Automatic Legend generation showing frequency, constant parameters (like angles, distances,
etc.), and antenna environment.  A plot has *all* the information needed to interpret your results
...Cut and paste plots to any Windows-based application
...Print plots to any Windows printer/plotter.
...Save plots to disk in .WMF (Windows Metafile) format

*Some Upcoming Features*
NOTE: These features do not require purchasing an upgrade.  They will be available FREE to all
previous purchasers when completed.

...Three-dimensional plots for higher-directivity antenna designs
...Plots available for Receiving Antenna Patterns, Ground Wave Patterns (RP1 card), and
Maximum Coupling Impedances (CP card).

...Additionally, NECGraph can be modified to parse your custom program output (e.g., NEC-
BSC, etc.).  Contact the author for arrangements.

Here's the deal:

NECGraph-Windows is available *only* directly from the author for $40 U.S. (international will be
higher depending on duties and postage--contact the author for final pricing).  Cashier's
Check/Personal Check/Money Order all acceptable; please no Credit Card orders.  Note that AZ
Sales Tax will be collected for shipments to Arizona addresses.  Quantity discounts and site
licensing is available; contact the author for details.

For your money you get:

1. NECGraph-Windows with on-disk documentation
2. Unlimited support and bug-fixes
3. Program upgrades, as they become available, for $10 (domestic).  Plus, if you suggest an
improvement that's incorporated in an official release, you get that upgrade for FREE.

For answers to questions, ordering, etc., contact the author using any of the following methods:

Scott Townley NX7U

e-mail (fastest method):

fax (next fastest):

snail mail (slowest):
1101 N. Gilbert Rd. #308
Gilbert, AZ  85234


NECGraph-Windows DEMO Available

Post by ron bardars » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00


>NECGraph was originally written for my own personal use after having suffered through many
>years of hand-plotting tables of text or importing hand-modified output files into popular
>spreadsheets with almost no true scientific graphics capabilities.

Funny, I thought that we wrote NECGRAPH and _you_ were just the last
source code modifier.