Pacificon 94 10/21-23/94

Pacificon 94 10/21-23/94

Post by Sam Lips » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 12:01:36

PACIFICON 94 comes to the Concord Hilton Hotel on 21 - 23 October

This year's PACIFICON promises to be bigger and better than before.
This year's theme, "HAM Radio - Your on-ramp to the Information
Highway" will be apparent in much to be seen and to do.

There will be over 30 technical sessions (beginning at 2 pm Friday)
covering topics such as EM fields and your health, personal safety,
working with public safety agencies, fire safety for the home, the New
HAM forum, APRS, computer control of HAM equipment, Beginning HF,
radio control and amateur radio, QRP technology, Lasers, GPS, visual
programming, antennas, SQUIRT - a new concept in satellites, Internet
as well as the ARRL Forum.

The Saturday night banquet, which always sells out, will feature Steve
Odum as speaker.  The faire is either Prime Rib, Chicken or
Vegetarian.  Following the banquet, at the special hour of midnight,
the mystic Wouff-Hong ceremony will be held.  On special occasions,
such as PACIFICON 94, there is an opportunity to join this select
society.  The only requirements are that you be a currently licensed
amateur and be a member of the American Radio Relay League.  You can
join the ARRL at the convention.  There is no cost to be come of
member of the Wouff-Hong society and you will receive a handsome
certificate suitable for framing.

The very popular swap meet will take place Saturday morning and there
will be a T-hunt on Sunday.  Other events include the Foot and ***,
where you have the opportunity to send Morse code using a telegraph
key that is about 20 times the normal size.  You can send using your
foot or ... well, you get the idea.  Certificates will be awarded for
those who can send simple words like "Mississippi" and "Tennessee."

VE exams will be held on a walk-in basis from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm both
Saturday and Sunday.  Bring your license, any CSCEs and a photo copy
of each as well as two forms of ID.

PACIFICON 94 also gives you the opportunity to see the latest in
amateur and amateur related equipment n the exhibit hall and in the
hallways of the convention.

Also, just for showing up and depositing your ticket stub into the
drum, you become eligible for one of many door prizes and the grand
prize.  This year's grand prize is a Yeasu FT-840 HF transceiver with
power supply.  The banquet grand prize is an Alinco DR600T dual band,
VHF/UHF transceiver.  Other grand prizes include a Yeasu FT11R 2 meter

handheld, a Kenwood TH78A dual band handheld, a Kenwood TH22AT 2
meter handheld, an ICOM T21 2 meter handheld, an ICOM W2A dual band
handheld, an Alinco DJ-G1T 2 meter handheld and a Kantronics KAM Plus

For tickets, mail your request to (pick up at the door):
    P.O. Box 272613
    Concord, CA  94527

Tickets are $3.00 in advance ($5.00 at the door)

For further information call (510) 932-6125.

73, de Sam, KE6BPB
Pacificon 94 Committee