Amateur Radio Newsline #895 07 Oct 94

Amateur Radio Newsline #895 07 Oct 94

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                      The following is a QST

   More information comes to light on the penalty phase of the
 California license fraud probe, the ARRL files on the upcoming
 World Radio Communications Conferences and a famous sports figure
 versus Marconi?  All this and more on Newsline report number 895
 coming your way right now!

                            CAL VE BUST

   More information on the California license testing fraud case
 comes light and more hams may soon face punishment.
   As reported last week, three hams have had their licenses
 suspended pending revocation.  Fifty one others have been
 downgraded in the wake of discoveries of alleged cheating in the
 all-volunteer testing program.
   This first wave of enforcement deals with exams conducted at
 test sessions in the southern half of the state.  These tests were
 coordinated by the ARRL VEC.  A subsequent investigation by the
 commission in cooperation with several VEC's led the FCC to
 declare that irregularities on exam papers indicated provable
 fraud had been committed by as many as ninety candidates statewide
 over a two year period.
   Next up look for the grand finale with hard-line action
 against the more serious offenders.  This includes those with
 multiple upgrades and most important, the Volunteer Examiners who
 are alleged to have cooked up this licenses for sale scheme.
   The FCC itself is limited as to what direct action it can take
 against those it believes committed licensing fraud.  The agency
 can assess fines, it can issue show cause orders suspending or
 revoking the licenses of those involved, or both.  But most
 important, it can also refer the matter to the Department of
 Justice and request criminal prosecution against the most
 egregious offenders in the case.
   Don't be surprised if more license revocations and downgrades
 are announced.

                           TECH TICKETS

   If you hold a Technician class ham license issued prior to
 March 16, 1991 then you are automatically a Technician Plus
 licensee.  The only problem is that the FCC's computer may not
 have taken note of this since June.
   The FCC now admits that in some instances since last June the
 8th, it has processed a license renewals and modification for some
 Technician Plus licensees and has mistakenly issued them entry
 level no-code Technician tickets.
   Tech Plus licensees who sent in a renewal or modification
 after June 8th can immediately tell if they have an incorrect
 license simply by looking at it.  If it was issued after that
 date it will be marked Technician Plus.  If it isn't, then you are
 going to have to contact the FCC and get it corrected.  Here's
   You start by writing a letter to the FCC.  Explain the
 situation.  Include information on your current license status and
 its effective date.  If you have your license at hand, make a
 photocopy and include it with your letter.  Then mail everything
 to the FCC's license processing facility at 1270 Fairfield Road,
 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245.  Or, if you have access to a
 facsimile machine you can fax the material to area code (717)
   And then be patient.  The commission says that it will take
 from four to six weeks to verify your claim and to have a
 corrected license mailed out.
   But there is some good news with all this.  The FCC says that
 you can continue to exercise your Technician Plus privileges until
 your corrected license arrives.


   The ARRL has commented on an FCC Notice of Inquiry in
 preparation for the next International Telecommunication Union
 World Radio Conference, scheduled for November 1995.  In its
 filing on Docket 94-31, the ARRL urges that any consideration of
 realignment of the 7 MHz band be held in abeyance until the World
 Radiocommunications Conference scheduled for 2001.  This, to give
 fixed and mobile services time to relocate to higher frequencies.
 The ARRL had earlier suggested that the issue be considered in
 1999 but has now moved that back two years.
   In the matter of the 2300 MHz band, the League notes that the
 1994 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act carries a rider that
 protects amateurs.  The league says this means that an
 international allocation for the Mobile Satellite Service at 2300
 to 2310 or 2390 to 2420 MHz should not be considered.
   Finally, the League again argues for a future agenda item in
 the form of an International Amateur Radio Permit.  They say that
 such an automatic reciprocal permit is already available among the
 countries of the European Conference of Postal and
 Telecommunications Administrations and the International Amateur
 Radio Union has been promoting such an agreement among its members
 in ITU Region 2.


   The International Telecommunications Union, the ITU has elected
 Robert W. Jones, VE3CTM, to replace retiring Richard C. Kirby,
 W0LCT, as Director of its Radiocommunication Bureau.  The
 announcement was made at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in
 Kyoto, Japan, on September 30th.
   Jones is from of Ottawa and is currently the Director General
 of Canada's Radio Regulatory Branch which regulates amateur and
 other radio services.  His work with the ITU began in 1975 in
 preparation for the 1977 and 1979 World Administrative Radio
 Conferences.  From 1981 to 1983 he was director of a project to
 automate ITU frequency records. He has since served and headed
 Canadian delegations to numerous ITU conferences and working
   VE3CTM holds Master of Applied Science and Master of Business
 Administration degrees, and attributes his professional interest
 in radiocommunication to having become a licensed radio amateur as
 a ***ager back in 1959.

                        MARCONI vs JORDAN

   Two well known names you probably never expected to hear
 together are Guglielmo Marconi, recognized as the father of radio
 telegraphy and sports superstar Michael Jordan.  Would you believe
 both men are in the middle of a dispute?  It's true and it has to
 do with baseball.
   If you ever wind up just a few blocks east of Birmingham's
 downtown business district, you may pass by a small city park
 named in honor of Guglielmo Marconi.  Marconi Park is only about a
 block in size it contains a baseball field inner-city children and
 others use.  The park was named after Marconi because he once
 visited Birmingham.  Another visitor has been bringing plenty of
 notoriety to the city, and much more recently.  Michael Jordan
 spent the summer here, playing minor league baseball with the
 Birmingham Barons.  Now, the Barons want to name the park in honor
 of James Jordan, Michael Jordan's deceased father.  The Barons
 promise to renovate the field if the new name is approved, but
 the idea is striking out with community activists.  They say
 Michael Jordan did not do enough work to help the community while
 he was playing baseball in Birmingham.  The Barons say Jordan
 received so many requests to participate in various projects that
 granting them all was impossible.  While Marconi spent time in
 Birmingham, name change opponents say James Jordan had no ties
 to the city at all.  One community leader sez turning Marconi Park
 into James Jordan Park would mean nothing to the inner-city youth.
   As we go to air, the controversy over the park continues.

                   HPM CELEBRATION A SUCCESS

   Definitely not controversial is word that the recent 10-day
 Hiram Percy Maxim 125th Birthday Memorial Celebration appears to
 have been an overwhelming success.  Despite incredibly bad HF
 propagation the ARRL reports that pileups on /125 stations were
 heavy on both voice and CW.  Perhaps most surprising was that few
 people asked what /125 meant.
   The highest contact total reported so far is 5125.  During a
 special operation the first weekend, a number of ARRL Headquarters
 staff members and visitors cranked out about 3,000 contacts from

                         BOGUS BULLETINS

   Remember our story last week about an election held at ARRL
 Headquarters where the staff voted down a union?  Well the story
 was accurate, but it was also ten years old.
   It seems that there is some prankster out there in radio land
 who is re-issuing decade old ARRL Official Bulletins with new
 dates and new bulletin ID's.  And, whomever is providing this
 service is picking and choosing his topics very wisely.  This to
 make it seem that the story is timely and apropos.
   We have learned that these re-issued bulletins are showing up
 on packet radio, on private bulletin boards and even some of the
 major public data services.  That's where we got bit.  And once
 they enter the Internet they travel very quickly, worldwide.
   The bottom line on this?  If you come across an ARRL Official
 bulletin that you think you have read before, it not deja vous.
 You may have read it before, a decade ago.

                            SET - 94

   Amateur Radio's 1994 Simulated Emergency Test, or SET is
 slated for next weekend, October 15 and 16.  Set is an ARRL
 sponsored operating event designed to let hams practice emergency
 message handling under near to life field conditions.  For more
 information or if you want to take part, please contact the ARRL
 Field Services department at league headquarters.  Or you can call
 your ARRL Director or local Section Manager.  Their names can be
 found on page 8 of any issue of QST Magazine.

                         REPEATER WAIT

   From across the Atlantic comes word that several new repeaters
 are coming on the air in the United Kingdom.  That is, they will
 eventually be on the air.
   The Radio Society of Great Britain reports that the latest
 batch of repeater applications have been forwarded to the United
 Kingdom's Radiocommunications Agency for processing.  Included are
 three new Packet Radio repeaters, a 24 cm ATV repeater a two meter
 repeater and a change of frequency for another 24 cm ATV system.
   That's the good part.  Now heres the bad.  The RSGB says that
 it anticipates the minimum time for clearance of the UHF repeaters
 will be at least six months or longer.
   And you thought waiting for one of the United States volunteer
 frequency coordinators was bad.  How lucky we are.

                         SHACK EXPANSION

   Tandy Radio Shack is planning a substantial expansion of its
 retail outlets.  According to Wall Street Business News reports,
 the company expects to open 500 new stores by the end of the
 century.  That will give Radio Shack a total of seven-thousand
 franchised and company-owned stores.  It's also planning to open
 24 new Computer City outlets in 1995.
   Not in the press release but widely rumored is a major
 expansion in Radio Shack's highly successful line of ham radio
 gear early next year.


   In DX, word that WD8E, will be in Taiwan the last part of
 October.  As usual, this is a business trip and time for ham radio
 will be limited but he will sign BV/WD8E whenever time permits.
 QSL to his callbook address or via the bureau.  All cards from his
 last two Taiwan operations have already been answered.

                          ARMY EVENT

   Paul Wipperman, K1MTM, and a group of his friends in the North
 Atlantic Radio Club are currently operating a special events
 station near Boston to commemorate the work of the United States
 Army and the Signal Corps during World War 2.  Whipperman says
 that some of the gear being used makes the operation unique.

   "Much of the equipment that is here was used during World War
 II to protect the Atlantic coast line here.  It is somewhat of a
 unique station.  We probably believe it is the only one of its
 type in North America.  Paul Wipperman, K1MTM.

   You can find K1MTM on all of the high frequency band with
 special emphasis for operating on 7255 KHz upper sideband on
 weekends.  QSL this special commemorative operation with an
 SASE to K1MTM in care of the North Atlantic Radio Club at Post
 Office Box 81, Elmwood, Massachusetts, 02337.


   And for this week, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline.
 You can write to us at:

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