Ton O' Radios - Correction!

Ton O' Radios - Correction!

Post by George Eldrid » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

***Correction***  The event will not be this weekend, but the weekend of
the 31st of August!

The Xerox Amateur Radio (XAR) club WD6CZH will be running the "Ton O'
Radios" special event station this weekend.  Our goal is to work over
2,000 pounds of radios.  The exchange is your callsign and the weight of
the transmitter and receiver (or transceiver) used to make the contact.  

Time: 1600-2400 UTC
Date: 31-Aug-96
Freq: General portions of the 40M, 20M, and 15M bands
      Novice portion of 10M band
      WD6CZH repeater (near LAX) 449.325- 114.8PL

For a certificate, send a 9x12 inch SASE to XAR, 6940 Bacarro St., Long
Beach, CA 90815-4805