QRP (was Re: 'CB transplants')

QRP (was Re: 'CB transplants')

Post by Ed Hare - KA1 » Thu, 01 Apr 1993 19:58:34

Quote:>best i could do was 6 blocks (~0.5miles) with KWM-2a with
>Heathkit Kantenna in 1961 on 40 meters.  was tuning up on the dummy
>load, something else a lot of people need to learn today - it's a lost
>art, and heard a local YL call CQ.  surprised when she came back.

Hi Chuck!

This reminds me of my favorite QRP tale! (Oh, no . . . here he goes

When I was working toward my QRP WAS, I was on 20-meter CW with a
fellow in FL (sure wish I remembered his call!). When I told him
my power was 250 milliwatts, he sure was surprised. He came back to
me to tell me that he had reduced power from 100 watts to 50 watts
and wanted to know how weak he was. (He was originally well over
S9.) I told him I couldn't tell the difference.

As we went back and forth, he kept reducing his power. He told me that
his meter showed about a watt. He was still perfectly readable. On the
next go-round, he thought he had me -- he said that he could barely
see the needle flicker. No problem. On the NEXT go-round, he DID have
me -- I heard him in there, but REAL weak. I copied about 50% of
what he said, then heard him turn it back over to me. I told him
that I got most of it, but that he had gone a bit too far -- he just
had to increase his power again.

He came right back, loud enough, roaring with CW laughter. It turns out
that he had decided to toy with me by pumping 5 watts into his dummy load!
Sure floored him when his real QPW (puny-weak -- not an official
Q code) made the trip.

If he had been running 1500 watts, he would have been weak, but Q5 all
the way! I guess even a dummy load won't completely eliminate tune-up QRM!


73 from ARRL HQ, Ed


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