Kenwood 742: Thanks (but it's not a 'k')

Kenwood 742: Thanks (but it's not a 'k')

Post by Neil Fullag » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00

me> repeat I entered some other key sequence with makes it go "b-b-beep!" every
time I push the PTT.

Chris>I imagine it sounds more like "dah-di-dah" as in K !

No, really, it's no K.

Chris>The key sequence than enables and in turn disables this is the function
key "F" and the PTT key pressed simultaneously.  

To Chris and the other person who sent the same info (but whose mail I deleted
too quickly), thanks!  That was exactly it.  Now, I wonder why Kenwood tech
support couldn't figure that out...