Mac/FAX and MFJ 1278 - how to

Mac/FAX and MFJ 1278 - how to

Post by Dugal James » Fri, 26 Feb 1993 04:44:06

I'm posting this for Tom, N5OFF.  Please correspond with him using the

Mac/Fax on 1278, How to

Several netters have been asking for ways to get Fax pictures from the
1278 on the Mac.  Well I was able to do it, and here is how.

First of all, MFJ advertises vaporware for the Mac, and has yet to
release a  decent package.  

The way I got Fax was to use a generic Fax program written by Bill
McIntire.  It is the 1988 version 1.0 of MacFax.   I obtained it from a
BBS many years ago but not sure where.  Perhaps  the Antennae Farm.
Bill has given an  Email address of 73277,141, but I have been unable to
contact him.  The program has instructions for piping in the +-5V
signals from a simple demodulator into the  serial port of the Mac.  The
program then maps these signals to the screen in a two color display.
It can display all the common scan speeds, as well as save and dump the
screen to a printer.

What the program doesn't do is talk to the smarts of the 1278.  The 1278
is simply  used a a demodulator by tapping the demod signals at the left
leg of R71, and ground. What I do is to place the 1278 in faxmode while
connected to the Mac, then, I unplug the DB-25 from the 1278, and plug
it into a 2nd DB-25 used only for Fax.  At this point, you cannot send
commands to the 1278 (you don't really need to as long as you are going
to stay in faxmode) and you change speeds, etc. with the fax software
which is simply mapping the +-5V signals. This hookup really works well.

It is inconvenient to have to switch cables to make this work, but it is
MORE convenient than waiting on MFJ for their vaporware.

Mr. McIntire's software doesn't give instructions to shareware,
distribution, or anything else.  Maybe he will read this post, and
volunteer an address (or maybe a version that talks to the 1278 instead
of just listening).  In any case, thanks Bill.

73 es bonne chance


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