FS: AOR-8000 & Scancat Gold Software

FS: AOR-8000 & Scancat Gold Software

Post by Doug Kaher » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Aor-8000 hand held scanner. Excellent condition. Includes manual,
antenna, power supply and box.

500 kHz - 1900 MHz frequency range
                        All mode reception AM, WFM, USB, LSB & CW
                        True carrier re-insertion and specific SSB
filter with non-offset
                        frequency readout
                        1000 memory channels
                        20 search banks
                        Priority channel
                        Frequency pass
                        Rotary tuning dial
                        Step size programmable between 50Hz & 995kHz in
50Hz steps
                        Scan & search speed up to 30 increments per
                        Signal strength meter
                        Band scope
                        Backlit LCD, Keypad & side panel
                        Battery save facility
                        Separate controls for volume, squelch & dial
                        Keypad beep ON/OFF
                        Keypad lock
                        Top panel 3.5mm earphone socket
                        Monitor switch
                        Password protected banks
                        Programmable scan & search including FREE,
                        LEVEL & MODE
                        Select scan list
                        Clone (copy) data facility between two AR8000B
                        Computer control
                        EPROM memory backup (no battery required)

Also Scancat Gold software: Go to this web site for a review of scancat

$400.00 shipped in the USA....

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