FS: Icom Z1A and HP 300LX palmtop

FS: Icom Z1A and HP 300LX palmtop

Post by Mike & Lis » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello all, I am getting out of packet and into
some of the more *** stuff like 10GHz on up.
I have two items for sale:

1  -  Icom Z1A 2M/440 HT
      This HT has a removable face plate that can be
      attached to a cord and used as a microphone that
      can control most functions of the radio.  It can
      display V/U, V/V, U/U or just V or U and monitor
      both frequencies simultaneously.  Comes with
      microphone attatchment, 7.2V Ni-Cd, and manual.
      Has had TX mod done to it and RX (key combination)
      has been opened up.  $225 or best offer.

1  -  HP 300LX palmtop
      This little palmtop computer was HP's entry into
      the Windows CE market.  It runs for weeks on
      just two AA batteries!  Just a tad bigger than
      the HP 200LX, it has a pcmcia slot for a modem or
      ram card, a serial port (to hook up a tnc, external
      modem, or sync it to your desktop), an IrDa port,
      and a removable rom for later upgrades.  Keep in
      mind that this palmtop will not run regular DOS
      applications so the Baycom TNC cannot be used with
      it, but the KPC-3 can be.  Search the internet,
      send/recieve email, read newsgroups, keep your
      contacts on it, keep important appointments on it,
      write papers in pocket Word or make a spreadsheet
      in Excel!  Comes with included software, manuals,
      and sync cable for the desktop pc.  $125 or best offer!

Shipping is paid by the buyer also.  Or buy it all as a package