L@@K ->K9don@my-dejanews.com+++[ TERMINATED ]+++

L@@K ->K9don@my-dejanews.com+++[ TERMINATED ]+++

Post by EMauC » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Miss-Use, Abuse, and Making False Comments against innocent, and long term
supporters of the  Newsgroup users, please beware, he is now hiding behind
another Fake  EMAIL Address AND Name

                                         The Fake Email Address is

If you desire the TRUTH, all one has to do is go to a search engine such as
yahoo, when you get to the window, look to the right, chose Power Search, and
then type in the Favorate Email address of the person you wish to investigate,
there you will see the truth, and make your own decesions.

                                            He is Still is trying to make
Claims he is the so called Good Guy, but is doing nothing other than to Create
Harm to the NewsGroup.  This child  does not Buy anything, Sell anything, and I
am offering a Substantial Reward for the "True" Name, Address, and any other
information to rid the Newsgroup of this Kid.

This Kid is driving many persons to Ebay, and if left un-resolved, this
will be seriously damaged.

The ISP has been contacted as well, so maybe sometime in the Future, we will

This is a message from the Dejanews.com Staff.


taken all appropriate and necessary action in accordance with our
posting rules and service agreements.  This individual will no longer be
able to post from that address.

Thank you,

Abuse Staff
Hope this helps the NewsGroup

They will take you Seriously !