FS: SP50/IC-Q7A & GE

FS: SP50/IC-Q7A & GE

Post by Mitchell Kat » Wed, 20 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a MINT, condition VHF SP50 unit, barely used, 10/10 condition, Model # P94YQT20A3AA, 2 channel, 5Watt with good
battery, drop in charger and antenna. I will sell for $200. plus shipping, let mek now if interested.

Additionally: I have a Mint condition, 2 week old, modified Icom IC-Q7A dual band Transceiver, receives from 30-1200MHz (less

cell), TX 130-174MHz & 400-470MHz, great 200 channel radio/Scanner. With antenna, clip, box and manual. Sell for $175.00. I
also have software to extend range to .5-2GHz approx. You'll need cable...or I just bought a VX-1R cable which should work,
I'll sell for $25 extra

GE Portamobils (2), with handsets, chargers and batteries. Low VHF (2 channel 46.8/46.9MHz) Appear to work, I have no
antennas, sell for $50 pair

Prepayment via Postal MO or COD preferred.

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