fs: uhf spectra 40w D44 "a9"

fs: uhf spectra 40w D44 "a9"

Post by Dou » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

desirable a9 package, all accy's and cabling.  a9 head and cabling were NEW
when installed in my tahoe 6 months ago. and the a9 head is a 1073"e" model
(the latest revision)

450-480 split, late model black serial tag, does 440 mhz freqs fine (have 2 442
mhz repeaters in it now)

all the usual spectra "stuff", scan, zone/mode, pl/dpl, mdc-600/1200, mpl, etc
etc etc.  128 channels and 11 character control head and comes with a dtmf mic

$650 + shipping

pre-pay only.