FS: COBRA 29LTD w/ K-40 ant

FS: COBRA 29LTD w/ K-40 ant

Post by Nunkhe » Tue, 20 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Selling a COBRA 29 LTD in GOOD WORKING cond along with K-40 Ant.

   Unit is seldomly used, mostly used for vactions.
   K-40 is the mag. mount version and is in good working order

   Just had rig and ant set up and it was loud with very low SWR.
   Great set up,  radio was sold to me from a friend who had the radio
   peaked and modulation bumped up!

  I did not do or have the mods done
  so I can not say for sure that this radio has been moded!  But people have
said     the radio is VERY LOUD and CLEAR!

  Price for Both is $110

Buyer pays shipping CONUS and prepays with postal money order