FS/FT Modified Radio Shack DX 398

FS/FT Modified Radio Shack DX 398

Post by D. Schop » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 17:40:58

Several weeks ago I swapped for this modified Radio
Shack DX 398. I now have this wonderful DX 398 up for sale. This radio is in
excellent condition. Comes in original box with manual and carrying case.

Listed below are the mods that have been done to this radio:

An additional broadband RF  amplifier has been added internally to boost
reception with the telescopic antenna. This really helps boost weak signals.

Tuning mute and smooth knob tuning to eliminate the stepped tuning knob
action and chugging when bandscanning with tuning knob. This makes for much
better feel when tuning than on a stock radio.

The audio has been improved to get rid of the tinny sound normally found in
a stock radio.It has good volume and punch. This one is easy to listen to
for extended time.

The stock radio has a very weak green led backlight system for the LCD
display. It makes it hard to read in dim light. The dim green LED's have
been change to brighter blue LED's. This makes it much easier to see in dim
light. Also note that when using an AC adapter the light can be selected to
stay on all  the time.

The stock radio has a very slow AGC, this has been corrected to a fast AGC
time which makes station reception on world band much better.

These modifications make an already good radio much better.

Asking $160 which includes USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground shipping within
continental US. Will ship to Canada for an additional $10. Will not ship
outside of US or Canada.

Or will trade for Sangean CC Radio +

Thanks for reading.