WTT""Vintage UHF Motorola HT100's"

WTT""Vintage UHF Motorola HT100's"

Post by Joe Leikh » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

For sale or trade:
If you know what these are you want them!!

I am looking for:

Pair of decent UHF MT1000/HT600's
Pair of FRS radios, ICOM, Kenwood

Pair of UHF Motorola HT100's in great shape, presently on 451 MHz.

Batteries are NG you can probanly re-load them with cellular battery
cells, or have one of the battery rebuilders work on them. Maybe you
can put NIMH cells in!

These are in pretty good condition suitable for the Motorola

And, they actually work!!! You will want to recrystal for your
favorite ham freq as these are on two different repeater pairs and do
not have simplex. But they do transmit and receive quite well. The
insides look very good. No parts have been changed, no torn foil or

Oh they also have the tiny factory PL board. PL 5A

Will throw into the deal some Motorola tune up adaptors for HT220 VHF,
HT220 UHF and HT100 UHF

Or maybe we can trade for something else??

Spectra mobiles

Or who knows what else except computer hardware. Don't need any!
Joe Leikhim K4SAT (EX KE4TZH)

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