FS: Contronix FM-80 10m FM xcvr

FS: Contronix FM-80 10m FM xcvr

Post by Dean Hemphill, K5 » Tue, 01 Feb 2000 04:00:00

For sale:

Comtronix FM-80 29 MHz FM transceiver, covers 29.300 through
29.700 MHz in 10 KHz channels, switchable 10 Watts / 1 Watt
output, has -100 KHz repeater offset, nice clean condition,
no repairs or damage that I can spot. The only modifications
it's had were done by me: (1) I added the repeater offset
(switchable on/off), and (2) I mounted a fuse holder on the
rear panel (looks like it came that way!). Radio comes with
original hand mic, DC power cord, and mobile mount bracket.
No instruction manual (it's simple enough to use that you
don't really need one).  Asking US $95.00 plus shipping.

This is NOT a converted CB, by the way.

    Dean / K5DH