Spectra A9 UHF, going to auction soon...

Spectra A9 UHF, going to auction soon...

Post by Quarterwav » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Spectra A9 (with a spare brand new A4 compact rotary head) Cable, Speaker,
MIC, Brackets. T84GXA (Trunk mount, 110 watts, optional RX preamp, Secure
capable & Secure Ready, has DVP XL board in it!) Radio is 128 Ch capable,
but I think this head will only do 64. I can't find that many to put in

sense. I have optional buttons in the head, it is filled and programmed for
DTMF, SCAN, DIR, MPL, SECURE, ETC. This is a great radio, but I really dont
need all the power and options, I am selling it an buying a couple of
M1225's or Maxtracs. Offers.......

Going to Auction soon.

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