FA: Multi-Elmac AF-67 Transmitter w/Manual

FA: Multi-Elmac AF-67 Transmitter w/Manual

Post by SomeDetrit » Mon, 25 Oct 2004 01:11:43

I have a Multi-Elmac fixed/mobile transmitter for auction on eBay.

The URL with pictures is


and the blurb is

This is a vintage 6 band (160 thru 10) AM/CW transmitter in good condition sold
"as is" for restoration or parts. Has about 60 watts input to 6146 final. PI
network output. Single control bandswitches all stages. Weighs about 25 pounds.
A good winter project to get you on 160. Appears to be all there and
unmodified; one knob looks non-original but the rest looks "stock". Serial
number 2876. I have a good copy of the manual with schematic and voltage

Closes October 30, 2004.

Thank you.