FA: EBAY HP 8656A signal generator, great tool!

FA: EBAY HP 8656A signal generator, great tool!

Post by Michael Blackstoc » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 04:00:00


 The 8656A Synthesized Signal Generator provides frequency coverage from
100kHz to 990MHz (with under range to 10kHz). This wide range covers the IF
and LO frequencies as well as the RF frequencies of most receivers. It also
allows testing in a variety of communication systems including the 800MHz FM
mobile band and some telemetry bands. Frequency resolution of 100 or 250Hz
allows convenient setting of increments including 6.25kHz channel spacing.
Output levels of -127 dBm to +13 dBm Internal modulation (2 digit display):
400 and 1000Hz, AM, FM or combination HP-IB Interface

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