FS: Complete Ten-Tec Omni C HF station

FS: Complete Ten-Tec Omni C HF station

Post by Dave Redfear » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:25:42

Ten-Tec Omni C
160 - 10 Meter HF Transceiver
And Accessories

The Model 546 Omni C is a solid state digital HF transceiver covering
160 - 10 Meters plus the WARC bands. It will transmit up to 100 watts on
SSB and CW. The receiver features: digital frequency display, RIT, NOTCH
filter, attenuator, and CW audio filters.

Included are the following station accessories:

Model 243 Remote VFO - provides for Split VFO operation, reverse Split
VFO operation, and combining both VFOs on Transmit or Receive.
Additionally, four crystal positions can be selected for fixed frequency

Model 255 Power Supply/Speaker - provides up to 18 Amps at 13.5 Volts,
includes electronic overvoltage protection, A front panel meter displays
current drawn. Includes a built-in station speaker.

Model 218 - 1.8 KHz 8 pole narrow SSB crystal filter.

Model 215 Mike and stand - high impedance microphone.

The radio and accessories work well. The remote VFO slips slightly
occasionally. The case has slight scratches. Overall cosmetics - 8.
The manuals are included. The equipment will be shipped in separate
This equipment is sold "AS-IS" but not DOA.

Asking $600.00

Interested in trading for a complete SGC 2020 ADSP manpack kit (radio,
case, battery, mike, etc....)
or an Elecraft K2 with options.

73 - Dave
Dave Redfearn, ARS N4ELM, McKinney, TX

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