UHF HI POWER SPECTRAS [going going gone!!!]

UHF HI POWER SPECTRAS [going going gone!!!]

Post by dou » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

T84FWA7JA9AK, these are complete and include the following items:

   USED control head (HMN 1073A) in excellent shape, minor scratches on
           This is the 11 character "systems 9000" control head.
   USED control cable, excellent shape, no cuts or splices
   USED power cable -- leads cut short, but useable (about a foot)
   USED speaker (in nice shape)
   USED **DTMF** microphone

These radios are separate from the others i put on the other day, and I
only have 5 of them in this condition.  Bandsplit is 450-480 MHz, but
these will go down into the ham band (as I am told).

Price on these radios is $740 + $20 UPS shipping, PREPAY ONLY, or $790
shipped fedex COD for secure funds.

You will not find  a nicer looking hi power UHF rig ANYWHERE!