FS: Kenwood R-5000 + computer interface

FS: Kenwood R-5000 + computer interface

Post by Daniel A. Seg » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have the following for sale:

o Kenwood R-5000 that was purchased new around mid-1988
o IF-232C computer interface
o IC-10 computer interface IC kit (installed)
o YK-88A-1 6.5 kHz crystal upgrade (installed)
o YK-88SN 1.9 kHz crystal (installed)
o R-5000 Service manual

All the equipment is in mint condition and works perfectly.I have
the original box, manual, and the original 6.3 kHz crystal that
the YK-88A replaced.

The price is $750 obo for all of it. Shipping is negotiable
depending on how much I get for it. I live in Colorado.

Daniel Segel

Daniel A. Segel