FS: HP 5245L Counter & Plug-Ins

FS: HP 5245L Counter & Plug-Ins

Post by Richard W. Solomon, W1KS » Sat, 10 Sep 2005 07:42:53

I have an HP 5245L Counter, late S/N with the following Plug-Ins:

5253B           50 - 500 MHz

5254C           0.15 - 3.0 GHz

5265A           DMM

ALSO: Comes with a working parts unit for spares. Looks like %^&$ but
it does work.

I may have an original manual for the 5245L somewhere.

$50 the lot, BUT you gotta come pick it up. I am in Lexington, MA.

Don't ask me to ship it, you will not like the price.

73,***, W1KSZ