WTT / Swap my stuff for your Spectra A9

WTT / Swap my stuff for your Spectra A9

Post by WeBmedi » Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for a 110 watt, 128 mode Spectra A9 preferrably with the siren
module as well. Sounds strange but either UHF of VHF. I'd prefer the UHF, but
will have a use for both. While I'm at it, an Astro Digital 800 would be
awesome if you have it.

I've got Minitor II's with enhanced (amplified) chargers, an HT600 (VHF) 2
batteries and a rapid charger, a GTX & charger, and 1 MTX810. Arapid charger
for the MX radios

1 UHF HT1000 and two headsets : One is made by SetCom the other by David Clark.
Both are essentially the same, dual earcups made for high noise with boom
microphones. I've also got the correct adapters for the Jedi series as
well.w/battery/charger/manual for the HT1000

Misc box of Minitor I's with standard and amplified chargers and 3 Spirit
pagers and an NEC alpha display pager. Also a Bearcat 890XLT and a 560XLT.

A Motorola DPC-650 flipphone, with multiple chargers, car cords, AA battery
"shell" for those disaster ops and a PCMCIA Cellular modem made by Motorola.
Also a 3 watt bag phone with alphanumeric capabilities and older 832 analog car
mounted, 3 watt with other cell stuff, antennas etc.

Tell me what you have, dig through the box of my stuff, and lets see what we
can work out.

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