Tx Rx Systems 900MHz Paging duolexers

Tx Rx Systems 900MHz Paging duolexers

Post by Jim Hal » Fri, 10 Aug 2001 02:15:57

        I have 11 NOS Tx Rx 26-88-97411 duplexers. These are very nice
units and were never used, They can be separated into a receive and
transmit filter if desired.

Specs are:

TX Passband     928 - 941 MHz
TX Loss         0.7 dB max.
RX Passband     901 -902 MHz
RX Loss         1.25 dB max
TX Power Rating 500 Watt
Duty Cycle      Continuous

        I assume these units could be re tuned for other freqs in the
900 MHz band. The factory spec and test data sheets are still attached
to the units. The original list prices when they were new in 1998 was
        I'd like to sell these as a lot but I'll consider any offers.
I could even deliver them for the right deal. Don't be afraid to make
an offer you might be surprised.

Jim Hall
Columbia SC