New PC and PC parts/software to sell/trade for ham stuff

New PC and PC parts/software to sell/trade for ham stuff

Post by N4WF » Mon, 22 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have the following new PC and parts to sell or trade for ham gear.  If
you have something to trade, HF,VHF,UHF scanners,radio kits, amps, antenna
wire, ladder line 14#, whatever, go ahead and make an offer.  The only
thing I can't use right now is commercial gear.

Thanks and 73's

John, N4WFK

New PC
Acer BG45 mid tower case
Acer AP53 512K motherboard
Intel P133 CPU
1.6GB Western Digital IDE
1.44 Teac floppy
18X Acer CD ROM
Cirrus Logic 1MB PCI video card
Acer Keyboard
MS PS.2 mouse
i year warranty on the parts
$495 monitor, sound and modem extra

AP53 512K, new, $95 1 available
AP5T 512K, new, $105, 1 available

Intel 100, used $50 each, 1 available

16MB 60ns n/parity (1) at $25
8MB 60ns,  w/parity (2) at $15 each
8MB 70ns w/parity (1) at $14
4MB 60ns n/parity (1) at $5
4MB 70ns n/parity (1) at $5

Video cards
Trident 1MB PCI, used,  (1) at $20
Tseng 128 bit ET6000 w/2MB RAM, new, (1) at $35
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 4MB, new, (3) at $85 each

Megahertz 4336, 33.6 modem, new (2) at $150
3Com 3C589D combo ethernet card, new (2) at $75 each

Ethernet PCI/ISA all are new and have lifetime warranty through 3Com
3C905 PCI 10/100 TP (5) at $50 each
3C900 PCI 10MB TP (1) at $40
3C900 combo (1) at $40
3C590 PCI TP (1) at $40

Print server
HP J2591A Jet Direct EX Plus external printer server, sealed box $150
HP J2547B simm for external print server, new (1) at $30

Win 95, S/R 2/Plus, sealed w/book $75
Office Pro plus Bookshelf for 95, open, no book $100
Visual Basic Enterprise V. 5.0 sealed, no book $75
Merchant Server, sealed, no book $50
SNA Server 3.0 open, no book, $50
SQL Server 6.5 sealed, no book, $75
Proxy Server, open, no book $50
SMS 1.2 open, no book $60

Laptop RAM
Toshiba 16MB for Satellite Pro $35