Wanted: "Super-Pro" power supply for SP-200-LX

Wanted: "Super-Pro" power supply for SP-200-LX

Post by Doug_Hens.. » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

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Looking especially for a rack mount version.

Thanks very much for the information Young.  I knew it was an out-board unit and
made by National but was not aware that the "dog-house" name had not been used.

If anyone has a picture or a schematic for it or a repairable or just one for
sale, particularly if it is a rack mount unit, please get in touch.  Will pay
any reasonable fee.  If I can obtain a clear picture of the front panel and a
schematic, I can fashion one to my liking and will share what I learn.

Very 73 to all,

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Subject:    Re: Wanted:  Dog-House supply for SP-200-LX

Date:       2/7/99 9:09 PM

THe Doug House ( hi ) power supply is used only for the National receivers like
HRO-5. The Power supply for Hammarlund receiver is either a rack mount or plain
chassis type. YOu should ask for " Super-pro " power supply.
Best luck.
de K6hm

> Wanted:  dog-house power supply for SP-200-LX or information on same.  Also
> looking for an SP-200 for parts.   Thanks for the read.

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Subject: Re: Wanted:  Dog-House supply for SP-200-LX

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