Traveling Wave Tubes and regular ones too

Traveling Wave Tubes and regular ones too

Post by km.. » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have for sale 2 complete twt setups <unk if working>
came from older ham getting out of equipment....
they are Alfred model 502 and model 562
I have another that was part of a 2304 station <not selling>
that showed 200mw output on a bird microwave wattmeter.
make resonable offer,  they ARE heavy and are listed
from 2-5 gig outputs ranging from 100-220 mw <on test sheet>
N connector in and out.
<these units are complete with power supply and all, plug in and use>

I also have 3 Thompson-CSF Th3543c TWT, that list from 5.925 to 6.435

5.5 volt
2.5kv anode
1.5kv collector
1.5 milliwatts in for 10 watts out
33 db gain
These were said to work fine on 5 gig ham band
and have reduced gain on 3 gig ham band <around 20db gain>
they have SMA connectors, and NO power supply.

I also have rectifier tubes, and thousands of others. Guitar amp tubes
are probably spoken for already.....
NO sweep tubes

also I have a limited supply of 381 <2c39> tubes

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see ya on the bands