Swap useable computer debris for interesting radio stuff.

Swap useable computer debris for interesting radio stuff.

Post by BOB DUCKWORT » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a few surplus Compaq Deskpro Computers and am interested in
swaps for radio stuff. I like older Communications RX and am also
looking for a blonde Altec bookshelf speaker, a decent, high end
turntable and cartridge, and a pair of clean triode based audio
amps in the 5W range.

All systems have been tested with Linux and install and run smoothly.

The Deskpro is from Compaqs commercial line and is much nicer than
most of the 'consumer grade' equipment of similar spec.

Deskpro 466:
        This is a 486-66, 16meg, 3.5" floppy, 1.3gig IDE, 3 16bit ISA
        slots. Sound built in. 1meg video (expaandable to 2meg) built
        in. Inclused Compaq keyboard, mouse, and 14" Compaq color
        SVGA monitor. RedHat Linus 5.2 loads right up with no special
        effort. 42lb.

Deskpro 575:
        This is Intel P75 based. 5 16bit ISA and 2 busmastering PCI.
        A max of 5 slots may be filled. 16meg, 700meg, 1meg built in
        video is expandable to 2meg. 3.5" floppy. Has 10bT Ethernet
        built in. May be upgraded to P120 by replacing processor and
        setting DIP switch. Includes keyboard, mouse, and 15" Compaq
        SVGA monitor 55lb.

Deskpro 590:
        As above except P90.  55lb.

404-888-0389 but email is best.