FS:Old AM xmtr parts, tube hi-fi, radio parts, etc.

FS:Old AM xmtr parts, tube hi-fi, radio parts, etc.

Post by M.W. Cha » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello collectors and historians,

Due to a career change and an impending move, I am forced to liquidate a
major portion of my 12-year collection of vintage hi-fi equipment, antique
radios, workbench test equipment, and very old radio parts including early
AM transmitter parts. I have separated the large quantity of items into
three lots of related equipment/parts. The lots are an excellent choice
for the newbie or student and should provide many hours of learning and

All lots are for pick-up only in the Davis, CA area (near Sacramento).
All items described in working condition have been tested within the last
3 years.

LOT #1:  Vintage vacuum tube Hi-Fi equipment
PRICE:  $450

Fisher model 800-B stereo receiver. original Fisher 7591 output tubes.
separate AM and FM tuner dials, each with CRT tuning eye. With original
wood cabinet. In good working order. missing 5 knob caps and has a few
minor spots on the faceplate.

Pilot 602M. approx. 18 WPC, 6BQ5 P-P outputs, stereo, w/ FM tuner,
integrated amp., various phonograph preamp settings for different pickup
types. Unique, and works well.

Heathkit EA-1 mono 18 W hi-fi amp., 6BQ5 output, w/integrated preamp.,
switch for selecting various input types, works well.

Harmon Kardon "Prelude" mono, 6V6 output, integrated amp., switch for
selecting various input types, works well.

Harmon Kardon "The Lute" stereo integrated amp, 7408 outputs, 12AX7
preamp. less tubes.

Stromberg Carlson mid-50's 6L6GC P-P mono P.A. system amp. nice. good
working order. 12AX7 preamp. 5 independently preamplified input channels.

Eico AF-4 stereo amp. parting out. missing xfmrs. has all knobs and
chassis parts.  

Eico FM tuner HFT-90 w/CRT tuning bar indicator, works well.

Bell 2122-C Mono amp. 6V6 output. various phono preamp settings, tuner,
aux (integrated preamp). Works.

Bell 2255 Tuner. AM-FM/FM-AFC all tube. untested.

LOT #2:  Misc.  Antique Radio and Television equipment and parts
PRICE:  $250

1948 Motorola VT-73 television, complete and in very good cosmetic
condition but needs repair. It almost works. Comes with SAMS photofact
service documentation.

Philco D-597-124 AM radio, all tube, c.1960. great sound.

Lafayette model KT-320 shortwave receiver w/matching speaker model HE48
w/Q-multiplier, 550 Kc to 30 Mc continuous coverage, IF gain control,
antenna trim, ANL, REC/SEND switch, TA-AR c.1963. works. may require

Johnson Viking II AM transmitter with tubes. In seriously rusty condition.

Several 1920's balloon type radio inductor coils w/green cloth-covered

Boxes of several hundred assorted miniature, GT, ST, and other types of
radio and tv tubes.

Also included in Lot #2:

     NOS National coil forms, NOS 1930's Aladdin radio inductors and IF
xfmrs, Ceramic tube sockets including those for large AM xmtr tubes, knife
switches, 12V automotive ***s, 1920's audio output transformers, HV
glass transmitter capacitors, HV mica transmitter capacitors, very old
microphones, ceramic plate caps, ceramic standoffs, old D'Arsenval meters,
NOS twist-loc electrolytic capacitors, , boxes of assorted rotary
potentiometers, old laboratory decade capacitor unit, lab capacitor bridge
unit and other interesting parts.

LOT #3: Radio and television test equipment and misc. electronic items
PRICE: $250

Panoramic SPA-4A laboratory RF spectrum analyzer 10 Mhz thru 44 Ghz
coverage in 6 bands and 4 inputs, 3 of which are waveguide inputs. Very
nice beefy unit. Contains super high quality adjustable Klystron cavities
and drive mechanisms. Was working well until it developed a power supply
fault in the RF unit last year.

Orion RF signal generator, 50 Mhz thru 400 Mhz in 3 ranges, with FM test
tone generator and FM input, adjustable FM deviation. Works well.

HP 120AR 5 Mhz single channel all tube oscilloscope. Unique blue phosphor
screen.  Very high impedance input. 19" rack mountable. Works well. Great
for audio.

Heathkit IG-82 vacuum tube sine-square function generator, 20 Hz thru 1
Mhz in 5 ranges, 0 thru 10 Vrms output in 4 ranges.

Also included in Lot #3:

      a late model Fisher 100 WPC digital receiver (w/surround features,
etc.) needing output work, an H.P. laboratory standard dB meter, a 70's
vintage T.V.  alignment analyzer/calibration standard, a working
oil-filled radiator, and more interesting and educational electronic

Please reply by e-mail or telephone me at (530) 753-4837. I'll be happy to
answer your questions.

Mark Chang